Obviously, the global glitch known as the Y2K Computer Crisis has come and gone without any major burps to speak of. Still, there is interest in what happened and why. This section contains those stories as well as links to promient companies that were involved in the fixes.

Y2K News

Y2K "Leaps" Pass Final HurdleFull Story
Leap Year computer problems are few leaving bug nearly exterminated
Full story

Y2K Money Well Spent Full Story
Experts say the $100 Billion spent on the computer bug was necessary
Full story...

Y2K Drug Stockpiling Prevented Full Story
No increase in prescriptions during end of year
Full story..

Y2K Over, What's Next? Full Story
Those who spent years working on Y2K computer fixes begin looking for next job
Full story...

Y2K Panic Cash Collected Full Story
Bank vaults full of extra money emptied and sent back to Federal Reserve
Full story...

Y2K's Little Glitches Full Story
Y2K didn't cause major disturbances but it did cause some date discrepancies
Full story...

Y2K Secret Satellite Glitch Full Story
Military satellite information center takes Y2K hit
Full story...

Y2K Flying High Full Story
No problems on planes or at airports as Year 2000 arrives
Full story...

Y2K: OK to Go Back to Work Full Story
It's back to work and back to computer terminals without many Y2K concerns
Full story...

Home Computers and Y2K Full Story
Still time to check home computer for Y2K problems
Full story...

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British Millennium Festivals: Listings of British millennium celebrations that take place through out 2000.
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Tis the Virus Season Full Story
Chat room users find new Y2K virus, and it's spreading
Full story...

Computer Virus Targets Y2K Fears Full Story
Viruses may prove to be a bigger problem than the Y2K bug
Full story...

The Y2K Survival Guide The Y2K Survival Guide:
Getting To, Getting Through, Getting Past the Year 2000 Problem
by Bruce F. Webster
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Time Bomb 2000 Time Bomb 2000:
What the Year 2000 Computer Crisis Means to You!
by Edward Yourdon (Preface), Jennifer Yourdon (Preface)
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  Solving the Year 2000 Problem:
by James Edward Keogh, et al
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  Beat the Millennium Crash:
How to Profit from the Coming Financial Crisis
by Jake Bernstein
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  Year 2000 in a Nutshell:
A Desktop Quick Reference (Nutshell Handbook)
by Norman Shakespeare, et al
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