Solution Providers: Canada

  • Burkholder & Associates Year 2000 Resources
  • Strategis SOS 2000
  • AD Technologies Inc. TCG/2000 tool, uses Micro Focus' SoftFactory/2000
  • Agiss Software Corp. Consulting, Remedy 2000; methodology, tools
  • Allinson-Ross Corporation Year 2000 conversion, UNIX
  • APG Solutions & Technologies, Inc. Consulting
  • Astech Solutions Inc Consulting, Formula/4000, AS/4000, COBOL, RPG
  • BenchMark Technologies Ltd. Consulting, ISPW 2000 methodology
  • CM Inc. Consulting
  • Conversions 2000 Software Ltd. Consulting, Mindware 2000 Methodology, tools
  • DGS Information Consultants Consulting
  • EFG Solutions Multiple Year 2000 services
  • Fundy Computer Services Ltd.
  • Gens Software Ltd. Year 2000 conversion; IBM's Year 2000 methodology.
  • GlobaLinx Technology Inc. Consulting
  • Group West Consulting, uses INTO 2000, AS/400
  • IBM Year 2000 solution
  • Icotech Consulting
  • Infinity Computer Services Consulting
  • Informission Group Inc. Consulting Services
  • ITeam Computer Services Programming services, IBM mainframe COBOL, PL/1, etc. and Unisys COBOL, Alogol, DMSII, etc.
  • JGW Systems Consulting, uses Impact 2000
  • KPMG Consulting
  • Logic 2000 Inc. Consulting Services
  • M3 Consulting Consulting Services
  • Millennium 3 Interactive Solutions (M3iS) Y2K conversion, COBOL, offshore services
  • Perigon Solutions Inc. Consulting (Automate:2000)
  • Progestic International Inc. Consulting services
  • RIS Resource Information Systems, Inc. Consulting services
  • SPS Computing and Engineering Year 2000 recruitment
  • System Solvers, Ltd. Consulting services and tools
  • SystematixConsulting Services and methodology
  • Technology Enterprises Consulting
  • TeeJay Computer Consultants Year 2000 testing service, Survive 2000 tool
  • Transformation Processing Inc. (TPI) Consulting Services
  • Year 2000 Research Group Consulting Services and research clear

  • Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    Everything 2000

    Event News
    What is Y2K?
    When does the Millennium begin?

    Millennium Party Tips

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