• Gary North Considered by many to be the foremost proponent of preparing for disaster related to the Y2K computer bug.
  • Home 2K A group of people who plan to ride out New Year's Eve in a cave in Missouri.
  • High 54 Ranch A group is planning to build an encampment in the high desert of Arizona to protect its members from Y2K related chaos.
  • Y2K Land An outfit selling lots in East Texas, puts "Christians Preferred" on its application form along with bring your own dwelling, RV, mobile home, travel trailer, etc.
  • Y2K Personal Preparedness Webring Lists over 500 member sites, most of which are ready to sell the would-be survivalist first aid kits, wood stoves, portable generators, water-filter systems, seeds, farming tools, dried or canned foodstuffs, gold and silver coins (for when the banking system collapses), gas lamps, candles, etc.
  • Rick Ross Cult researcher Rick Ross lists what survivalist groups are planning for the Year 2000