Great Britain

England, Scotland


We will be posting more New Year's Eve 2000 Events as soon as the information becomes available.

So check back real soon!


  • Greenwich
    Millennium Dome
    The new millennium officially starts in Greenwich, England; Where the World's biggest dome is being built on the Meridian Line.

    Greenwich 2000
    - Where East meets West; Time is set and The Millennium begins

  • London
    London Parade
    The London Parade on New Year's Day, is the biggest street parade of its kind in the world. Featuring spectacular marching bands, thousands of cheerleaders, plus clowns and other attractions, it is a truly special day for London.

  • Portsmouth
    Millennium City � Portsmouth
    This will be a truly millennial project, celebrating the achievements of the past thousand years while embracing the next millennium.

    Gosport 2000
    The Renaissance of Portsmouth Harbour Millennium Project will create a world-class leisure and maritime heritage destination for the next Millennium.



    Scotland 2000
    Various links to help the traveler find activities and accommodations with a millennium angle

    The web site for Scotland's millennium Hogmanay celebrations information about the mega Hogmanay bashes in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the rest of Scotland. Providing information on how to get tickets, finding accommodation, as well as offering a gathering point for revelers of world to communicate with each other.


  • Friday, August 24, 2007

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