We will be posting more New Year's Eve 2000 Events as soon as the information becomes available.

So check back real soon!

Millennium PhotoQuilt
Kodak PhotoQuilt of the Millennium is a continuously growing and evolving portrait through time as people add pictures that reflect their life and times.

The Official Celebration of the year 2000 (TM) A multi-year series of events beginning in 1999, The Billennium will end with a 2000th Birthday Party for the World� on New Millennium's Eve�

Earthday 2000
In the year 2000, more than 300 million people worldwide are expected to participate in the largest Earth Day ever. It will also be the 30th anniversary of Earth Day.

Expo 2000
The world's fair, in Hannover, Germany is expected to feature the state of the world through the theme "Mankind, Nature and Technology."

Jesus March 2000
To celebrate the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ, on June 10, 2000, organizers are planning a global "March for Jesus" celebration. More than 30 million people in 2000 cities are expected to participate in this procession of prayer and worship. Each year counting down to the millennium, annual marches are held on Pentecost weekend in anticipation of the Year 2000. Contact: March for Jesus P.O. Box 3216 Austin, TX 78764

Millennium Dome
Celebrations at the Royal Observatory Greenwich The Millennium Dome - New Millennium Experience in the World's Biggest Dome

OpSail 2000
The Greatest Event in Maritime History will take place on July 3-9, 2000. President Clinton will be joined by more than 50 nations and an anticipated fleet of 30,000 spectator vessels, featuring tall ships, will be spread ten miles through New York Harbor.

Pole to Pole
Twelve exceptional young people, ages 18 to 25 from a varied of different backgrounds will journey from pole to pole

Sydney 2000
Official Site of the 2000 Olympic Games which will be held September 15 to October 1. 10,000 athletes from 198 countries taking part in 28 sports

The Race
Fifteen participants have signed on for "The Race," a whirlwind sailboat race around the world. Devised to "symbolize the union of maritime culture worldwide and to celebrate human adventure," The Race will go all the way around the globe, passing by the three capes: Horn, Leeuwin, Good Hope.

Times Square 2000
World-famous celebration in downtown New York City

Millennium Peace Run
A Peace Run event on every day of the year - from January 1 to December 31 -- somewhere around the world, in celebration of the Millennium.

World Peace 2000
A global network of 500 organizations promoting the CountUP to 2000 - The United Nations' International Year for a Culture of Peace.

Millions of Balloons - Ballons par Millions
To celebrate the year 2000 and the new millennium, citizens of the earth send their wishes by the air to Humanity

The Millennium Photo Project
An effort to document the passing of the millennium by thousands of photographers from around the world

World Peace Through Prayer and Meditation
Goal is to have over 1 million people in prayer and meditation at the same time over New Years Eve 1999, and over 1 billion people in prayer and meditation on New Years Eve 2000

First Night International
First Night is a community celebration of the New Year through the arts. It is a major visual and performing arts festival created by and for the community to welcome the New Year


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