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NBC Today Show
Everything 2000 publisher John Locher was the invited guest as millennial expert on NBC's Today Show. In a 5-minute interview with host Matt Lauer on New Year's Eve, Locher discussed a variety of event travel tips and other trends and plans for how to bring in 2000. MSNBC-Today Show Web site linked prominently to E2000 for more than a week. (12-31-98)

yahoo.gif Yahoo! Internet Life
Yahoo! Internet Life magazine awarded Everything2000.com with "The Best" and a four out of four star top rating in its February 1998 issue. (2-98)
(Reprinted from Yahoo! Internet Life February 1998 Copyright ;� 1998 Ziff Davis)

microsoft.gif Microsoft Home Page
Microsoft's home page, a top traffic generator on the Web, has featured Everything 2000 as "Today's Link" several times. Once on September 10, 1997, three days January 6 through January 8, 1998. Recently the site was featured on June 10, and on the 500 day countdown to 2000, August 19,1998.

time.gif Time Magazine
Start Planning Now for the Party of All Time
"To mark the start of the new millennium, tour operators are organizing everything from time-zone hopping jaunts to over-the-top luxury experiences. A good source of info online is at www.everything2000.com." (8-3-98)

usatodayonly.gif USA Today Money
"Y2K means no vacation for some" "Half of respondents in a new survey (on the Everything 2000 Web site) think the Y2K issue will negatively affect them at work. That's based on an online poll of 1,700 visitors to the site, a chronicle of issues related to the new year and Y2K. And nearly 20% already know they'll have company restrictions on vacation." (1-21-99)

usatodayonly.gif USA Today Money
"Virtual promotions company Everything 2000 (www.everything2000.com) sells advertisements and merchandise related to the new century. It has become an authority on millennial information: Founder and President John Locher says of the Seattle-based firm, 'Our goal is to provide all of the answers and resources that anyone could want for this great milestone.'" (7-28-98)

usatoday.gif USA Today Life
The front-page Life section article cited an ongoing Everything 2000 survey. "Travel over the millennium already had a lot of obstacles,.." says Everything2000.com's John Locher. (12-31-98)

usatoday.gif USA Today Life
500-day countdown article, "'Some promoters hoped it would happen sooner, but it's too early for most people to make plans,' says John Locher of Everything2000, a Web site that lists city-sponsored celebrations, tour packages and other millennium-related travel events (www.everything2000.com)." (8-18-98)

usatoday.gif USA Today Life "999 and Counting"
In a front-page story "A world of ways to greet the millennium," the inset said "For a well-researched list of events, check out the Everything 2000 Web site at www.everything2000.com." (4-6-97)

nytimes.gif New York Times Magazine
"An efficient way to peruse all the national and global events concerning the turn of the millennium is to visit the Everything 2000 Web site at www.everything2000.com. ( - -98)

dowjones.gif Dow Jones
Dow Jones rated E2000 a notable and consistent 8 out of a possible 10 in each of four categories; Content, Speed, Navigation and Design, combining for a 32 out of 40 rating. "Key reasons to use site: News, views, books and other materials on the millennium itself, not just the bug." (6/98)

cnet.gif CNet
An Everything 2000 link is included in a permanent and comprehensive special Y2K section of CNET.com.

variety.gif Variety
In an article about Year 2000 celebrations, "'It's still a mystery where the headlining musical performers like Barbra Streisand and the Rolling Stones are going to play," said John Locher, who is listing every millennium-related event he can uncover at a Web site called Everything 2000. 'Our feeling is that the talent and their reluctance to commit is what's slowing down a lot of the media's plans.'" (7-27-98)

latimes.gif Los Angeles Times
"At Everything 2000, you can shop for millennium-themed champagne glasses and countdown clocks, read about new hotel packages or take a survey on whether you've already made plans for the big night. (As of late December, more than two-thirds of respondents were still mulling their options.)" (1-3-99)

latimes.gif Los Angeles Times
In a Best of the Web column, Everything 2000 was reviewed:
"The millennium is coming! The millennium is coming! Actually, for Web surfers, it's already here, at http://www.everything2000.com. The site features a countdown to the new century, jokes of the future, an essay on the dreaded computer date problem and explorations of politics and society in 2000." (4-14-97)

Associated Press
In a nationally syndicated article about the meaning of the millennium, Locher was quoted: "'It's because of this great milestone that we're seeing more people looking ahead, and that's exactly why this is an important time,' says John Locher, creator of the Everything2000 site on the World Wide Web. 'If it makes individuals and corporations and organizations plan ahead more, hallelujah.'" (1-1-98)

zdnet.gif ZDnet Television and Online
"Through guerrilla marketing, sites like Everything 2000 grab ad revenue." Locher is featured in a long story about Millennial entrepreneurs. The TV segment said "Part of Everything 2000's appeal to advertisers is its focus on the niche of millennial enthusiasts, virtually all of whom share common, narrow interests." (6-26-98)

zdnet.gif ZDnet.com
An Everything 2000 link is included in a permanent and comprehensive special Y2K section of ZDnet.com. It has also been a featured link.

houstonchron.gif Houston Chronicle
"Everything2000.com is comprehensive, fun to read, is updated regularly and focuses on information rather than sales efforts." (9-27-98)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"At Everything 2000, you'll find trivia that's big on celebrating, surveys and the more festive aspects of the millennium. Here you'll find countdown calendars, screen savers, surveys and feature stories on how the world is getting ready for the big day, plus a little sorely needed millennium humor." (12-27-98)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Everything 2000 includes a growing list of destinations, cruise lines, tour operators and hotels hawking New Year's Eve 1999 bashes." (8-24)

softwaremag.gif Software Magazine: The Web's Greatest Hits
"True to its name, the Everything 2000 website covers the gamut of millennial issues in addition to the computer date crisis. The Y2K area includes site links, current articles, and government and private sector resources."

mercurycenter.gif San Jose Mercury News
Marketing magic: the millennium. (First page, front page Sunday story.) "Companies race for the right to be 'official' for the year 2000. Locher's site is an entrepreneur's monument to psychological impact of that number--and to its commercial potential. 'Human nature looks for a pivotal time, a defining moment, to grasp for what we believe in anyway," Locher says." The trademark section of E2000 was also featured. (11/22/98)

scripps.gif Scripps Howard News Service
"'This is a once-in-a-lifetime, historical calendar changeover -- all the more reason to make sure you're doing something memorable,' says John Locher, whose Milestone Media publishes Web page Everything2000.com." (12-16-98)

usatoday.gif USA Today Life
Destinations & Diversions front page- "Tricks, treats across the USA" "For everything else Halloween try www.EverythingHalloween.com, a one-stop spot for ghostly events, stories, even directions to..." (10-16-98)

newstraitstimes.gif New Straits Times (Malaysia)
"The Everything 2000 site has expanded its content with millennium and Year 2000 (Y2K) news and information, daily millennial news updates and more than 3,000 listings of Y2K-related events and resources. The site is a nice reminder that the Y2K computer problem isn't the only thing to think about at the end of next year. From Jan 1, the site will launch a photo countdown which will feature daily photographs from top photojournalists around the United States as they capture year 2000 preparations." (12-31-98)

chicagotribune.gif Chicago Tribune
The Chicago Tribune encouraged its readers to start planning for the ultimate New Year's Eve bash: Dec. 31, 1999. "Just stop by www.everything2000.com for a head start." (12-31-97)

chicagosuntimes.gif Chicago Sun Times
"For those who would like to plan their own millennium doings, two books and some Internet addresses can help. Take a look at Everything2000.com.You'll find cross-references to dozens of related sites as well. (1-3-99)

entertainmentweekly.gif Entertainment Weekly
"Nothing to do for New Year's Eve 1999? ..another kind of Y2K hysteria hits the Net. "Another solid clearinghouse site is the newsy and oft-update Everything2000.com. Not only can this site set you up for Dec. 31--the concert information alone is unrivaled--it can link you to entire year 2000 movements." (1-8-99)

edpubinteractive.gif Editor-Publisher Interactive
"This site is worth bookmarking. If you are a journalist assigned to do a story on the Year 2000 start your research now at www.everything2000.com. Keep that editor smiling and beat your competitors to the punch." (1-97)

bloomberg.gif Bloomberg Magazine
"A lot of people will hit the jackpot with products and projects for the turn of the century." Everything 2000 was cited as a "major Web site on the Internet tracking millennial activities. Everything2000.com offers up-to-date information on everything from travel plans to religious observances that are in the works." (6-98)

knightridder.gif Knight Ridder Newspapers
In a story picked up by newspapers nationwide titled "There's plenty of money in marketing the millennium," E2000 was included and Locher quoted regarding millennial marketing. 2/1/98

topten.gif Top Ten Links
Since July 1997, Everything 2000 has been consistently rated the top Year 2000 Web site by voters on the www.toptenlinks.com.

canadaam.gif CTV Canada AM
From Canada's most-watched morning television show: "An encyclopedic version of everything that's going to happen around the year 2000. If you want to find out about anything from an entertainment point of view, or a highly technical point of view, it's here!" (2-4-97)

seatimes.gif Seattle Times: Best of the Web 1997
URLs were nominated by readers and Everything 2000.com won the award for Best Community Service website. One contest judge said: "Very clean, sitemap, good use of Java applet." (2-15-98)

seatimes.gif The Seattle Times "Site-Seeing"
"In the universe of millennial Web sites, call it the equivalent of USA Today, which isn't bad as marketing positions go." (8-30-98)

dailytelegraph.gif The Daily Telegraph (London)
Another site to watch as the excitement mounts is the Seattle-based Everything2000.com, which offers news, jokes, books and the latest information on Millennium trips and parties.(12-31-98)

torontosun.gif The Toronto Sun
"Many Web sites track millennium events, with links to cruise lines and tour operators: Take a look at Everything2000.com. You'll find cross-references to dozens of related sites as well." (1-3-99)

newsday.gif Newsday (New York, NY)
"At Everything2000.com you can shop for millennium-themed champagne glasses and countdown clocks, read about new hotel packages or take a survey on whether you've already made plans for the big night." (1-3-99)

startribune.gif Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)
"At Everything2000.com, you'll find trivia that's big on celebrating, surveys and the more festive aspects of the millennium. Here you'll find countdown calendars, screen savers, surveys and feature stories on how the world is getting ready for the big day, plus a little sorely needed millennium humor." (1-7-99)

cox.gif Cox News Service
Ran a national Everything 2000 story and url address that ran in several major newspapers. (12-28-98)

edmontonsun.gif Edmonton Sun
In an article about Millennium Mania, John Locher was quoted: "We just did a survey of visitors to our site and 84% of them said they've yet to make plans for celebrating the end of 1999," says Locher. "But I expect we'll see a whole scurrying of activity once 1999 begins. We'll see an explosion then." (12-31-98)

sandiego.gif San Diego Union-Tribune
"Everything 2000: An all-inclusive site with good and up-to-date listings on New Year's 1999." (12-27-98)

providence.gif The Providence Journal-Bulletin
"Everything 2000: Everything you need to know about the year 2000." (12-27-98)

therecord.gif The Record (Bergen County, NJ)
"Everything 2000 has a catalog of events, news, travel information, and a list of millennium phrases and catchwords that have been trademarked for commercial use. The list ranges from the typical Official Airline of the Millennium, Official Candy of the New Millennium, and Official Car Company of the New Millennium, to the Official Vending Machine of the New Millennium, Babe of the Millennium, Miss Millennium, Mrs. Millennium, and Mr. Y2K." (12-29-98)

vancouversun.gif The Vancourver Sun
Century's Last Seconds up for Grabs
"Fifteen minutes of fame seem a touch excessive in these hurried final days as we count down to the end of the second millennium. But never fear, the entrepreneurs behind the newly-launched Everything2000 Web site is permitting us to register online for the chance to "own" one of the final seconds of 1999." (12-96)

restaurants.gif Restaurants USA
The magazine of the National Restaurant Association called upon Everything 2000 for extensive millennial research and Everything 2000 survey data for the article. The story frequently quoted Everything 2000's founder, John Locher, encouraging restaurateurs to prepare plans now. "Local restaurants may turn out to be the big winners in all of this." (1-98)

Continental Airlines In-Flight Magazine
In an in-depth article about Everything 2000, a website reviewer said: "Everything 2000 fulfills its mission: to provide a comprehensive resource that helps the world prepare for the year 2000 and beyond." (1-98)

vancouversun.gif The Vancouver Sun:
The Vancouver Sun said, "an informative, well-balanced analysis of millennial history and meanings" could be found at Everything2000.com." (1-5-98)

lasvegasonline.gif Las Vegas Review-Journal: The Web's Greatest Hits
In an article discussing the meaning of the millennium, Locher was quoted: "It's because of this great milestone that we're seeing more people looking ahead and that's exactly why this is an important time, " says John Locher, creator of the Everything 2000 site on the World Wide Web (www.everything2000.com). "If it makes individuals and corporations and organizations plan ahead more, hallelujah." (1-2-98)

fortworth.gif Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"For a broader overview of what's in store for the millennium, check out Everything 2000. An assortment of departments explores politics, organizations springing up around the millennium, "reflections, " news, even merchandise (a CountDown watch for $ 79.95). From the comedy department, a sample news item from Jan. 1, 2000: "The Artist Formerly Known As the Artist Formerly Known As Prince now wants to be known as Andy." (1-5-98)
newsday.gif Newsday
"Billed as a clearinghouse resource 'open to every category of millennial relevance,' the well-organized (everything2000.com) site chronicles everything from countdown clocks to apocalypse theories." (8-20-98)

Escapade Site of the Day
"As the turn of the millennium grows nearer, this site will grow larger to accommodate all of the input from visitors. Save this URL!"


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