Everything 2000

Register your place in time!
Soon, you will have a chance to have one of the last seconds of 2000 or the first seconds of the new millennium named after you! Just think, the entire world will experience a moment in time that has been named specifically in your honor.

Everything 2000 is making arrangements for you to have a specific second between December 31, 2000, and January 1, 2001, named in your honor. You will be recognized as the sole registrant of that second and no one else in the world can make that same claim. We did this last year and it was a tremendous success.

Now you can take a second (literally), and register to own Your Place In Time.

How to Register

For everyone that registers here, Everything 2000 will officially enter your name and email address into our database, afterwhich you will be contacted. The first 172,800 registrant names will be randomly picked, matched to a specific second, and will be guaranteed a second sometime during New Year's Eve 2000and New Year's Day 2001. This is currently free. If you wish to lay claim to that second with a keepsake, you'll be given an opportunity to order an official declaration suitable for framing that certifies you or someone you designate as the sole claimant of that second in time.

You could have one of the last seconds of the old millennium or the first seconds of the next millennium!!

The final one hour of seconds (3600) of 2000 including the first seconds of 2001, will be selected at random from all re