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---Cynthia Gigandet
Cynthia's sister wrote to tell us that Cynthia is due on the 1st of January, but has already begun the early stages of labor. Never know how long that will take. Sister Michelle is also expecting a year 2000 baby she is due in the middle of June.


--Kathy Porteous
Kathy and her husband have been trying for a year to get pregnant with the second child. Now the 33-year-old mother of one is getting more than she bargained for because she has a great chance at giving birth to a millennium baby.

She says, "my husband David and I have been trying for a year to have a baby so when I found out I was pregnant we were very excited. We feel we are so blessed to be having a baby and it would be truly a miracle for it to be born on Jan 1."


--Angie Herman
Angie is a candidate for the first pair of twins born in 2000. She is 25 years old and is expecting twins. "I think my chances of delivering on new years is just as good as anyone's especially since I am having twins" says Angie.

"Having the first baby of the new millennium would really be nice, however there are going to be thousands of people having their babies at the same time I think it will be very difficult to tell who had the first one" says Angie.

Still Angie is one of those moms that are apprehensive about giving birth on New Year's Eve because of the Y2K bug. She says, "on the other hand I am weary about the Y2K bug and I would rather have a healthy pair in the latter part of December and not chance what the New Year holds."


---Pamela Craig
Pamela says she is privileged to be one of the moms to be expecting a baby on January 1, 2000. It's her first baby so she is extra excited!


--Lori Ann South
Lori's due date is just one day before the New Year on December 31. They already have a name for their new addition it's Madison Christine. Lori says she is very excited not only about having our first little one, but also at the chance of having a millennium baby. Her husband is Randy. Lori says she always knew her baby would be special, and this makes her even more special.


---Jeri Roberson
Her baby is due on January 8th, but doctor says the little one will be early�possibly this weekend!


---Natasha Hines
Natasha is due on January 1, 2000�we shall see just what happens!

Rainbow City

---Janae Coffelt
Janae is expecting a baby girl who will be named Katherine Grace. Her official due date is January 4, 2000. Janae says she would love for her baby to born on January 1st! But no matter what happens she says her baby will be her millennium baby!!


Monday, September 28, 2015

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