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---Elodia Flores


---Stacy Bakos
Stacy isn't too worried about the date of her babies birth. New Year's works, so does any other day for her. Buena Park

---Jade Conrad
Jane is due with a baby girl on 1 January 2000. Her and her husband can't wait for the moment their new addition comes into the world.


---Virginia Sobol
Virginia is due on the 4th of January, but she thinks her baby will be born early.


---Jennifer Silvis
Jennifer says she and her husband feel like they hit the jackpot! They weren't trying to conceive. This is their fist child, so this is very exciting. They were shocked to find out that their due date was 1/1/2000 and think its going to be a lucky number.

Del Mar

---DT Sander
Dt is actually due on January 7th, 2000. She feelsa Millenium baby is very special , but she hopes the birthday doesn't fall too close to any holiday because she wants the baby's birthday to always be a very special and separate day.

Dove Canyon

---Debbie Hubaud-Bukosky
Debbie might be considered the reluctant Millenni-mom but now that she thinks her baby may be born on January 1st, the 35 year old mom-to-be is estatic. She says "I would love to be the first to have the baby in the new year, just not the oldest (HA HA HA)".

She tells us, "believe it or not my husband and I were not even trying for a millennium baby. We were trying to conceive since January and it did not happen until April. I went to the Dr. on Friday April 30 and he ask me what day was my last period and I told him I was able to tell him the actual day the we conceived".

She told the doctor that it all happened on April 10, the day after the ideal conception date for a millennial baby. "He checked his chart and told me my due date was on January 1st. 1999. We were both very pleased about the new arrival and it wasn't until a friend of mine told me about the 2000 baby craze" says Debbie.

"I think it would be AWESOME to bring in a baby on the new year. The greatest thing about this is that it will be my 3rd child and my other 2 son's were born on there exact due date. Now I am just praying for another healthy child and if it happens on New Year's, even better."

Fresno ---Stacey
Stacey is having a baby boy and is thrilled about having a child..she didn't try to have a millennium child it just happened. She thinks it will be exciting for her son as he grows up.


---Dianah Wasskily
Dianah and her husband Dennis are very excited about the possiblity of giving birth to one of the first babies of the new millennium. Dianah says "It should be a blast, hopefully our hospital will have enough room for all the milleni-moms".

La Canada

---Judy Mathews
Judy and John Mathews want the world to know they have a good chance at having a Year 2000 baby even though their official due date is December 26, 1999.

They met in Spain 10 years ago and have been married for 7 years. John is 30 years old and Judy is 33 and this will be their first baby. Judy says, "we did not plan on a y2k baby... it just happened. We are extremely excited about this baby."

Regarding a Year 2000 birth, Judy says, "it looks like it may happen and we want the whole world to know and celebrate."


---Renee Becker
Renee is looking forward to having a millennium baby, and hopes her little one is first to be born in the New Year in her county or city. Renee already has two children, Vanessa 13 1/2 and Natalie 9. They are from a previous marriage. This is her first baby with her current husband and they have been married for two years. Her due date is January 2, 2000.

Renee says she is "ecstatic" about her due date, however she is a little concerned about Y2K, and hopes her hospital is compliant. Renee has notified area newspapers and TV stations so she's ready for the publicity that may surround her millennium baby.


---Delesia Robinson
Due sometime between January 1 and January 4.


---Jasmine Long
Jasmine gets double pleasure this New Year she is expecting Twins on January 7, 2000. Jasmine and her husband Andrew have been married for 13 years and have been trying to have a bay for 11 years! Amazing! Jasmine has 3 children from a previous marriage, aged 23, 20 and 18. Whether millinium or any other day, the blessings of 2 healthy children is all that this couple is asking for!

Redondo Beach

---Leslie Ponciano
Here are Leslie's thoughts in her own words " my thoughts are only that I hope my baby is healthy, happy and born with the least amount of pain possible!"


---Brenda Bridges
Brenda has an interesting story she wants to share with other millenium moms and here it is. " I work as a software consultant/tester and this past summer I worked on a project that involved doing Y2K assessments on county systems that interface with the state (CA) systems. This project involved traveling around the state and while on one trip, when I was 5 months pregnant, I experienced a fainting spell. I have been very fortunate throughout my pregnancy by not having any complications whatsoever (including morning sickness) so I was a bit concerned, as were my colleagues, and I went to the hospital to be checked out. The possible cause was simply being in a warm overcrowded board room, or possibly a drop in my blood sugar, nevertheless it turned out to be nothing.

However, while I was in the hospital the nurse was inputing my information and when she entered my due date as 01/01/00 the computer showed that I was 5237 weeks pregnant! The system had reverted back to 1900. The immediate solution was to simply enter my due date as 12/31/99. This event had a significant impact on me for obvious reasons. While conducting the Y2K project, many programmers, users and business analysts were (and still are) confident that their systems are compliant. This hospital was confident their systems were compliant. Obviously some terminals and/or programs had not been tested properly or were simply missed. This event, as well as the entire Y2K project, made me much more aware of the potential Y2K disaster.

While I am not preparing for the end of the world, I am taking some basic precautions such as buying a battery operated heater, and stocking up on diapers and staples. Other than a slight concern for possible computer glitches, I am concentrating on having a calm, routine delivery and a healthy, happy millennium baby! Great story, thanks for sharing it!!

---Ruby Cristine Sulca
The Sulca family is originally from Los Angeles,California, but work with the Air Force enlistment in Sacramento California. "Our due date is Jan 1st. Needles to say we are extremely excited and very happy, but our baby isn't the millenium baby, we will still love our precious little angel."

San Clemente

----Victoria Maxwell
Victoria is expecting her third daughter, both of my others were born on their due dates! She is super excited and hope that all the hospital computers are Y2K ok, Victoria says " God forbid anything should come between me and my epidural!

San Diego

---Sabrina Cassidy
Sabrina is 32, native San Diegan, married to Christopher and they have a daughter named Kirsten who is two. Sabrina is very surprised that she's pregnant and both happy and concerned that she could give birth to one of the first babies of the year 2000.

Her official due date is January 1st but she realizes the chances of delivering on her due date are 5%. Her biggest concern doesn't hinge on the Y2K computer bug interfering on January 1st, but overcrowding. "My biggest concern is the possibility of overcrowding at the hospitals due to all these people who were trying for the millennium baby", says Sabrina. "I'm not really too worried about y2k since women have been giving birth for hundreds of years without electricity and doctors," quips Sabrina.

Sabrina and Christopher had been trying to get pregnant for nine months. "We had gone to the doctor to see why nothing has happened. Well lo and behold I found out I was pregnant. I was quite shocked when I heard the due date. I knew that it would be around that time but I never suspected Jan 1st," says Sabrina.

"With my first she was induced one day before her due date and was no where ready to come out. So I'm not really sure with this one. Actually I wouldn't mind the tax write off and possibly avoid the mad rush and y2k potential problems", says Sabrina.

Like every mom on our list, Sabrina just want's a healthy baby. She says "I'd be thrilled if this baby would be the first baby of the new millennium but am not counting on it. As long as it is healthy that is all that really matters to us."

---Stacey Di Meglio
My "millennium" baby was not planned. On the contrary, I absolutely did not want a baby born anywhere near the holidays. I guess I miscalculated ovulation, and lo and behold, I found myself pregnant with a due date of Jan 2, 2000. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about this baby. I have to confess that I'm even getting swept away by all the hype about a millennium baby. lthough, I know that I wont have the "official millennium baby" due to the fact that I live in San Diego, Ca.

---Blanca M. Pelayo
Blanca is expecting a bay girl on January 1.. Her name will be Paulina Alexandra. She Will be born at Kaizer Hospital.

---Michelle Ronk
Michelle is 20 years old thinks her chances of having a baby on January 1st are unlikely because of her due date. But as we all know, delivering on her due date is rare. Michelle's official due date is January 10th. But Michelle actually likes her due date. She says, "to be honest with you, I would like to have my baby closer to the due date than on Jan. 1st, because I don't really want all the publicity, and I don't want people to think that I wanted this to happen on that particular date."

San Luis Obispo

----Pamela Peachy
They were high school sweethearts, married for 19 years and now Pamela and her husband are expecting their first baby. Pamela is 39 and her husband is 41. They became pregnant through their second IVF. Four fertilized eggs were implanted April 10th and they found out two weeks later that the were pregnant. Initial tests indicated Pamela had multiples but they have since found to be carrying one.

"It's real exciting for the both of us" says Pamela. "We were high school sweethearts and have been married 19 years this July and have been trying for the last 10 years to have our first. We never thought it would be so difficult to get pregnant. It will be the first for us and the new millennium."

Santa Monica

----Lisa Gorjestani
Lisa is 29 years old, married, nervous but very excited about being pregnant. It will be her first child and it's official due date is January 1st. "So much for my big plans for Las Vegas or New York!" says Lisa.

She says the pregnancy was a real surprise and the due date is an amazing coincidence. So what are her chances of the baby being born on January 1? My mother and sister were both early, but I am definitely rooting for a 2000 baby (even if that means January 2!)" says Lisa.

"It will be exciting it my baby is actually born on the first, but the most important thing to us is that the baby is happy and healthy" says Lisa.

South Gate

---Manuel & Anna Sifuentes
This couple knows this will be a new years to remember! They actually were not trying for a millennium baby , but they have no complaints. They are looking forward to their bundle of joy!


----Barbara Foster
Barbara is happy to become a part of this growing list of possible "millenium babies!!!"

Van Nuys

---Laura Castillo
I am a 25 year old mother of two other children, first born male (Anthony of 6 years born December 4,1992) and a female (Jessica of 4 years born December 27, 1994) My boy friend name is Jess of 26 years of age, we have been together since November of 1990 witch now makes that nine years�we are looking forward to conceiving in the new year.� My official due date is December 29,1999.

My biggest concern if I due deliver on January 1, 2000 is the overcrowding at the hospital due to all those people that all ready have appointments to deliver on January 1, 2000.� I did not plan on getting pregnant�and actually when the new was taking about the millennium baby and all those people trying to get pregnant just for the money and the publicity�I thought it was kind of silly to get pregnant for that reason.� Even if I am not the luck winner I am grateful be having�a healthy child.� That is some of what I think of the millennium.


----Loraine Langley
Loraine and her husband Steve don't have very good luck trying to get pregnant, but this time luck was in their favorite around the April 9th conception date. Their doctor has officially told them their due date is January 1st 2000.

Loraine and Steve live with their six year old daughter Olivia and a puppy named Scooter in Vacaville, California, about 40 miles west of Sacramento. Steve is a manager of a credit union and just graduated with my Masters Degree. Loriane is an Escrow Officer for a Title Company for the past 15 years who plans to stay home and be a full time mom when the baby gets here. Both are 35 and will be married 15 years come September.

As for their thoughts about a Y2K baby, Steve says "we just feel very blessed that we are expecting...God is awesome!" As Steve tell us, "to put it bluntly...we aren't very good about getting pregnant. It took us three years to conceive Olivia and we have been trying for the past five to conceive no avail. We have been seeing a fertility specialist for the past several years and started to look at the adoption route."

"Loraine was ready to adopt but I wanted to try one more time to conceive our in January, Loraine started the drug Clomid. Our friends from church have been praying for us and when she didn't get pregnant in March, I started joking that God wanted us to have a millennium baby...(because we knew exactly what day in April we could conceive on)..Loraine didn't find me very amusing!"

"Anyhow, I was away at a men's retreat with my church and when I got home, Loraine was there holding a paper bag. I asked her what was in the bag and she started to cry and told me there were two pregnancy tests in the bag, that they both came up positive and that she thinks she is pregnant! I asked her if she wanted to take another test..she said yes...we jumped in the another one...and sure enough, it too came up positive."

"The doctor confirmed the date (January 1st) and said that everything looked great...we got to see the little heart beating and are thrilled to be having a baby (The doc said that we are the first Y2K pregnancy that she has seen!!)"


---Carmen V. Martinez
Her baby is due at the beginning of January, but as we allknow the baby will come into the world when the baby is ready.

Woodland Hills

---Kristina Wescott
Kristina and her husband conceived on his 28th birthday, April 9,1999, the ideal date for a Year 2000 baby. The Wescotts have been married for 3 years, and have already been luckily blessed with a two year old daughter, Madaline Rae. She we knew that at some point she would be adding to her family. But as for the time of year when the baby was born, that was never an important issue for them. But now that their due date is January 1,2000, they want love to share it with the world.

As for her thoughts of having a millennium baby - for her it's simple - health and happiness. She tells us, "I am bringing a child into this world, to love, to protect, and to nurture. But for the world, this is who/what will start our new millennium. My god! Life would change dramatically. How could life be normal, let alone private?"

Her actual due date is January 1st 2000, but she feels the chances of delivering on that date are "slim". Kristina says, "We will never see another born at the turn of a century. The event, historic. How could you possibly leave the hospital not looking your best? After all, won't the world forever be keeping track of the first "Millennium" baby?"


Monday, September 28, 2015

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