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Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
---Mrs. Ayesha Patel

We often come across coincidences but miracles seldom happens. Such miracle happened at the advent of the 21st Century in India. She is just 2 months and 18 days old only today, she is the "First Millennium Baby Nancy" It had been the wish and desire of billions the world over, with couples putting in all they have to plan was blessed to have been born in India showing the world that this millennium belongs to the girl child.

After the enthusiasm and the end of the millennium euphoria now two months down the line the millennium baby Nancy cuddles in the lap of her proud parents and has just begun to see the world.

Nancy the millennium baby was born at the advent of 2000 at 00 hrs. 00 min. 00 sec. to the proud couple of Mr. K.K. Patel and Mrs. Ayesha Patel in the Aman hospital at the Lakecity of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh India.

Nancy's father Mr. K.K. Patel is a simple farmer by proffession. Nancy is the third daughter of Patel family. It is almost impossible for the parents of Nancy to get her internationally recognised. It becomes our mundane duty to give to the world this charisma and share this heavenly wealth with one and all and give her the future that make us proud.


---Shoba Srivastava
Shoba isvery excited to be expecting a millennium baby because she feels few people in the world are fortunate to be able to witness the change of the century let alone a new baby.For Shoba it will be a unique way of celebrating motherhood at the onset of the millennium. Shoba is interested to know what should be the exact time of birth of the millennium baby as every country comes under different time zones.

---Girish Shah
This couple already has one doughter and one son., they didn't plan to have a third, but they are!

Eravipuram, Kollam City, Kerala State, India

--Cherian Mammen

Baroda, Gujarat, India

---Manisha Mathur
Manisha is expecting right on the first of January and she expects to be delighted mom of the new millennium.

Tamilnadu City, Madurai, India

---R. Balamurugan
They are expecting right on the first of January 2000. They will call their baby Ssurya.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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