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Calgary, Alberta

--Donna Brock
Donna and her husband did not try to have a millennium baby, it just happened. They feel blessed that their baby picked such a date to be due.

Coleman, Alberta

--Carmen Kenney
She is a single mom and very excited about the fact that I could be having a Millennium Baby. The new baby will be a sister or brother for Jade. She can't wait for the big day!

Burnaby, British Columbia

--Kristy Morris
Kristy is 26 and lives in a suburb of Vancouver. She believes her chances of having a baby on January 1st are "pretty good" even though her official due date is January 10th. Why you ask, because her first baby was born a week early.

Kristy says, "It's very exciting to think that this could be the Millennium Baby. We consider this a miracle because only a month before I got pregnant with this one I had an ectopic pregnancy, ended up in emergency surgery and almost died. Then a month later I got pregnant again. We really weren't expecting this so soon but feel blessed to be part of the millennium baby experience and are so happy to be having another little miracle." "We are so excited and are happy for all the other millennium baby mommies and daddies," says Kristy.

Kelwona, British Columbia

--Tara Schroeder
Tara is not only surprised she may have a millennium baby, she's shocked she's having a baby at all! She had no plans to get pregnant, but feels very blessed that she is expecting. Her official due date is December 29, 1999.

Nisga, British Columbia

---Stephanie Azak
Stephanie is not only having her first baby with a Due date of January 2, 2000 she is also a new bride. She was married on the 6th of May . Stephanie is 28 years olf and knows this baby is going to be very special.

Ymir, British Columbia

---Claire Hallam
Her due date is Dec 28th - we didn't plan a millenium baby, but we'll be happy whenever he or she is born.


--Nadine Lahana
She has a love story made for a movie. Her and her husband met and fell in love when they were just 17 years old. They were too young to settle down at the time, so both went in search of their �selves� . They ended up in different parts of worlds with other people. As fate would have it, they met again years later when both were free of other people..and they have been together ever since.

Even though doctors told them both earlier they could never have children, they are expecting a baby boy. They are not as clear as others seem to be as to my exact date of conception. They have been informed that they will be spending New Year's Eve in Oakville Hospital in Ontario, Canada. Our little boy is due on 1/1/00. Not a moment too soon (we hope!)

Hamilton, Ontario

--Shelley Blinkhorn
Shelley says she is very excited, but wasn't trying but not for any particular date. If she could put in a request it would be December 27-29 because she would prefer to have a quiet first few days.

Toronto, Ontario

--Laura Janes
Laura thinks it would be great to have her baby on this day, and wouldn't mind being known for having the first baby. She says it's a great experience and a once in a lifetime event that you could always talk about. Laura wants to have her baby at home and hopes she can be giving birth while the fireworks are going on outside. What a celebration.

Vaudreuil, Quebec

--Isabelle Doyon
Isabelle is expecting a baby boy (Max) and her due date is January 1, 2000. Dad's name is Martin Proulx, This is their second child. Isabelle says �It's a good feeling to know that we have good chance that Max be one of the first baby of the millennium� On Isabelle's last doctor's visit the doctor stuck to the date and thought little Max might be right on time.

Westmount City, Quebec

---Roshanak Rostami
Roshanak says she and her husband were trying for a while and it just happenned to be the date right on time for the Millenium baby 2000! They are very excited about it!

Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan

--Gladys Werminsky
Gladys and Dan are thrilled to soon become parents. They have been trying to conceive for 3 years, and they were seeing a fertility specialist who said her chances of conceiving were very slim. But! on March 31/99 she conceived with a due date of January 01/2000. �We feel very fortunate to be having a millennium baby. I would also like to wish all of the other mothers a happy pregnancy and best wishes in the new MILLENIUM.�

Regina, Saskatchewan

--Melissa Hamilton
Melissa and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for 22 months. The day I found out that I was pregnant we had gotten a letter from a fertility specialist in Saskatoon. Fortunately she didn't have to make an appointment. Melissa is due Dec. 29th although she thinks she may be destined to have a millennium baby.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

--Kevin Fichtner
Kevin and his wife say they are excited, thrilled and are looking forward to entering a new age of discovery. clear

Saturday, November 11, 2006

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