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Colorado Springs

---Kenning-Anstett, Janet
Janet's baby is due on December 28th, but knowing babies ..she/he could be a millennium baby.


---Carmen Dominguez
Carmen's baby is due on either New Year's Eve or the first of January!

--Debra Mazotti
Debra and her husband Robert have been trying to conceive for over 4 years. This was going to be their final try! The disappointment was beginning to be too much, they were starting to believe that it just was not meant to be. It got to be so bad that Debra didn't even tell her husband that she went to the doctor for another pregnancy test.

"But when the nurse called and said it was positive my husband knew what was going on when I started crying into the phone and said, We've been trying for over 4 years! We both shed a few more happy tears and couldn't wait to tell our 11 year old son who has been requesting a baby brother for a long time. The good news, the little brother got so tired of waiting that he says he'll even take a baby sister now!!

Grand Junction

--Cindi Kinch
Cindi and her husband Brett are going to be really busy due to the fact that they just had a baby less than a year ago. Their little girl Carlianne was born 2/10/99. Carlianne didn't think she could get pregnant because she was breast-feeding, but she fainted at the doctor's office and was told she was 3 months pregnant. She is due on January 12, 2000 and the new baby is a little girl too. The name is all picked out it will be Calista Lynne. Cindi just hopes her baby is healthy and wants an epidural as soon as possible.

Highland Ranch

--Jennifer Holladay
Jennifer is another reluctant Millenni-mom with an interesting story about her due date and when she thinks she could actually deliver. Her due date is December 21, but she believes she could deliver on January 1st.

The 28-year-old mother to be says, "I was 10 days late with my first child, and still had to be induced, so we are hoping for that to happen again. I don't have any real expectations about delivering on January 1st, it would be sort of neat, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen." "My brother is an OB in Guam, and if he delivers a January 1 baby, it will be the first in the U.S. We've talked about that, that's how we told the family we were bringing up that discussion."

Jennifer actually wants to try to avoid going to the hospital on New Years. She tells us, "AUGH! Who wants to be in a hospital on December 31 at 11:59 P.M.? Since we weren't trying for a Millennium baby, it has sort of caught us off guard. We were on fertility treatments with Gonal-F (injectable) and didn't think I'd even ovulate this cycle...but that's another story....We would prefer that the baby is born in January, to avoid the Christmas problems with a birthday."

Jenna really wasn't planning on having a millennium baby. She and her husband just wanted to try for a spring baby, but guess what happened. She got pregnant on her first try. She thinks the conception date was April 1st with is within the window for a millennium baby, but ahead of the ideal conception date of April 9th. Jenna is a film professor and a video producer and already has one child.

She tells us, "the thought of having the first millennium baby never really occurred to me before and actually frightens me to some extent. In truth, the chances are so slim that I am not really worrying or focusing on it. I just wanted to register for the "big prize" as a token, like buying a lotto ticket."


---Eric Holzwarth
Ok, Eric is not the one having the baby, his wife is, but he wrote to us so we will give him top billing. He says he and his wife Jessica never really thought about having a millennium baby. Their due date is January 2 and they think the baby will be a day early since the signs of labor are beginning.


--Melissa Schaefer
This is the very first baby for Melissa and with a due date of January 1 it's quite amazing. Melissa says she's a little nervous because this is her first child and there will be a lot of stuff happening the first part of this New Year.

--Ann Thrasher
Her due date is January 420 00 and Ann is concerned with the Y2K possible problems am taking a wait and see approach. She says " it is quite exciting to have a baby so close to the new year, to top it off the year 2000. I am hoping hospital is well-staffed, no major storms in Colorado and most importantly no negative effects on power, and resources needed for people to perform their jobs " for the most part Ann wants an uneventful birth for her new baby. clear

Saturday, November 11, 2006

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