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Down Under & South Pacific

Mooroolbark, Victoria

---Jane Taylor Jane lives in an outer Eastern Suburb of Melbourne, in the State of Victoria, Australia. Her baby was not a planned "Millenium baby" attempt, in any way shape or form! Jane has had two miscarriages in the past, so pregnancy for her was a little bit more nerve racking than for others, therefore, she would never try to fit in with something like the new millenium.

Jane is a little concerned about the hospitals getting too crowded, but other than that she's happy to be a millenniummom. Her hospital is giving away special millenium packs, containing champagne and chocolates, and other such things, which is also nice,and will help make it special. Jane says �I would hazard a guess that the "first" millenium baby will probably be born in a third world country, and this will sadly pass much unnoticed by most of society. I would love to be able to know that it will be recognized in some way that will help the family concerned�. Jane wishes all moms good luck.

---Victor Ali

Victor and his wife's are expecting their baby on the 31st of December year 1999. This is perfect because Fiji is known as the millennium island because the 180 meridian line crosses Fiji three times. What a perfect situation a new baby in one of the first places that will see the new year!

Nadi, Fiji

---Ashrafeen Nisha Rizzo
Of all our millenni-moms, Ashrafeen has one of the best chances to have the first Year 2000 baby born on Earth! Ashrafeen lives on the island of Nadi in Fiji in the South Pacific and very close to the international date line.

Ashrafeen is 22 years old. This will be her second child with her husband Bill. She says, "we believe our chances are very good for delivering on Jan 1st. Being so near the "Date Line" has excited us so to think that our child could be the first born first in new Millennium is fantastic." She says, "the doctors say I have a great chance at this hallmark of great expecta-tions".

---Rozina Ali
Ronzina has a great chance at giving birth to the �first� millennium baby, since the New Year will dawn over Fiji before the rest of the world. For Rozina that is not the most important aspect, mostly she hopes for a healthy child. Her husband is a tour guide in Fiji and says they conceived the baby while in the back of a 4-wheel drive while giving a hiking tour! Now that's a story!

Kuala Lumpur

---Sheela Kuruvilla
Sheela lives in the capital city of Malaysia and says she'd be happy to have one of the first babies of the millennium. Sheela isn't sure she can wait that long though. Her pregnancy wasn't planned however she was planning to have a baby in the year 2000 eventurally. � My husband, Dhinoj, and I were planning to have a baby in June 2000. We were moving to our own new place at the end of April and were planning a housewarming in August. So we planned to conceive in September.

I didn't want the hassle of being sick during the function time as I suffered for my first born, Dhiela. Unfortunately, I suffered even more for NO.2. I ended up in the hospital for severe vomiting and dehydration. Just like Dhiela, this was an accidental conception.� Babies don't really like planning. Shelea said despite all the problems she's happy. Sheela says she is ready to� unload� this baby, it is expected to be at least 8 pounds at birth.


Monday, September 28, 2015

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