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---Marie Laure Desbrosses
Marie-Laure is expecting her second child on January 1st 2000. Although she is excited about having another baby, she's not so happy that her due date is January 1st.

The 35-year-old Marie-Laure tell us, "I think I would prefer the birth to be at the end of 1999. I am a bit afraid of delivering a night where people will have drunk a little too much. I am also afraid of the possible consequences of the bug. But of course, it seems to represent something to be born with the millennium and would not risk my baby's life for any gift."

Marie-Laure has been married for the last 2 years 1/2 and has an adorable baby girl of 14 months. She wanted a second child for six months then "it came out that the baby I am expecting was conceived on April 1st...but the date was not chosen on purpose" she says. She's not too sure about hitting her due date of January 1st 2000. "My first child was born 10 days before the expected date....but I have been told that it differs for each child" says Marie-Laure.


---Joern Lutscher
Joern Lutscher and Nadine Rieger are expecting their baby on 01/01/00 and are very happy.

Heidelberg, Germany

--- Jennifer Hansen
Jennifer and her husband are originally from Idaho Falls, Idaho but are living in Germany because her husband is in the US military. This will be their 4th child and they expect the baby will arrive early because all their other children did. However, it looks like this time around things are different becasuse if the baby came early it would have already been here on December they are thinking it might just arrive on its due date at the first of the year!

Great Britian
Alexandra Park

---Hatice Billingsley
Hatice originally comes from Istanbul /Turkey, her partner Greg is an English man. They already have a son who will be 6 in January. Now the two are expecting two more babies in January. Non-identical twins due on January 1. Their house is kind-of crazy right now because they've been living in a semi-building site due to subsidence claim, and the work isn't completed yet. Greg is frantically trying to finish the bathroom in between sanding floors and painting and the builders are hopefully finishing within the next couple of weeks. It has been a bit of a nightmare but there seems to be an end in sight.

Hatice says herson has now got used to the idea of a baby, after a period of uncharacteristic, awful behavior and he is looking forward to the big day as well as the millenium day itself. He is dying to go to the dome. Their family has recently been featured on GLR a local BBC London radio station and they did a live interview from the hospital. Hatice says " So the big day is drawing near and we hope everything will be OK.

It is going to be very difficult for us because my mother lives in Istanbul and is too old to travel. Greg's mother also lives far away and we have no relatives nearby so we will have to cope on our own. I'm sure we'll look back on it one day and laugh about it!"

North London

---Julie Pankhurst
After loads (11 lots to be precise) of infertility treatment, Julie's final attempt was on 9th April this year - amazingly it worked! Julie is due to have our first baby on New Year's eve ! She tells us � To be honest I don't care about the date - so long as the baby is all ok !!!�

Portsmouth, Hampshire

---Lynda Brooks

Lynda's baby is actually due on the 4th January but as you know babies are very unpridictable and can come at any time within two weeks of that date. She is very excited about the prospect of having one of the first millenium babies. Lynda said � this is something the child and myself will be able to talk about for years to come., it's like some kind of Honour as it will not be happening again for another 1000 years.� !


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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