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Boca Raton

---Betsy Fonte
Betsy's baby is just taking after her mom. Betsy was a New Year baby- one of the first born in 1968 in New York. Now that is really something, what are the odds? Betsy's grandmother always told her that was a special birthday, and she didn't really understand that fully until now, when she is getting ready to have a New Year baby.

Cape Coral

---Brandey Hoerner
At first this couple thought the baby was coming before Christmas. She is actually due the 27th, but she started having contractions, and dialating weeks ago. Brandey says she was excited about the baby coming early and now it's late. Since they've waited this long, they don't mind waitintg for a millennium baby.

Daytona Beach

--Jennifer Chatham
Jennifer and her husband Jeff decided to start trying for a baby, thinking that it would take a long time to conceive. Beforehand, they made fun of all of the people planning their families around a contest and dates. Well, low and behold, it took two weeks and they are due on December 31st! "Praise God!" says Jennifer.

Jennifer is 24 a Montessori teacher. Jeff is 26 and works for Coca-Cola and they are in the process of buying a nearby school. Both are very excited that they may have the first baby of the new millennium or the last one of this century. It is especially surprising to because they weren't trying for the millennium baby.

"We decided to start thinking about having a family and I was convinced it would take at least a few months to conceive" says Jennifer. "Two weeks later though, it worked. Then we found out that our due date is December 31st!" a surprised Jennifer tells us.

The Chatham's believe they pregnancy and not necessarily the due date was an act of divine intervention. "We are Christians and hadn't intended to start a family for a few more years. I felt an overwhelming urging to do so every time I prayed for 4 months. My husband, Jeff, and I talked about it several times coming to the the conclusion that we weren't ready. Finally, we prayed together and realized that this was God's will and if it wasn't, we wouldn't conceive. I guess He meant business! So, we can't help but wonder if He intends for us to be rich parents too! Ha!!", says Jennifer.

Even if Jennifer can't find a baby contest, they are glad to have a possibility of having the first Year 2000 baby. "We don't really think we'll be the ones to have "the one", but it is fun to think about', says Jennifer.

Fort Lauderdale

--Mona Francoeur
Mona wins the award for the most creative name of the new millennium. Her husband wants to name the baby "Wytockey". Mona has objected to that idea, and I can't say I blame her, however, she has agreed to the nickname "Demille" which means 2000 in French.

Mona has agreed to that name, espcially since the name "Emile" existed for a long time, However, they are modifying this name to be more modern and more reflective of this new millennium. Mona says " I am also sure the name "Demille" is less humorous than the name "Wytookey" Mona we have to agree with you.


--Amanda Ehlert

---Carla Fischman
Is having a baby at the beginning of the year, but hasn't given much thought to the thought of having a"millennium baby". She does believe it is very special.


--Diana Davila
Diana is very excited about having a millennium baby and can't wait!

Madeira Beach

--Sheri Wright

Port Saint Lucie

---Mary Beth Magill

Palm Harbor

---Stephanie Walch
Stephanie is expecting a baby girl who will be called Marina Angelique. Her due date is January 6.

Panama City

---Penny and Jim Lee
Their baby is expected to born right on the New year. In fact, they say the women of the church have been praying for a January 1 birthdate. They know it is a boy and they are ready to see him.

Royal Palm Beach (just outside West Palm Beach)

---Katie Tanner
Here's a couple that has already had their share of publicity and their baby isn't even born yet!! Check out this story written by Katie.We are very excited about the possibility of having the first millenium baby. We won a contest on one of the local radio stations back in April. They selected 4 couples to stay at the Marriot hotel on "The Night" to conceive.

We were the only couple out of the 4 to actually conceive. So they have been keeping in touch with us, checking on the pregnancy and making sure that everything is still on schedule. In addition, they have contacted a couple of the local news channels and they have interviewed us on our thoughts on the whole thing. So needless to say there are many many people around here that know I am ready to deliver in the next couple of days.

Other than that I guess it has been a "normal" pregnancy. It is our first and these last few days have been long anticipating his arrival. Katie great story, and we can't really call that a "NORMAL" pregnancy by any stretch of the imagination!

St Cloud

--Cindy Kuhns
This couple has a truly modern day story. Cindy met her husband on the Internet. They got married on cotober 16th 1998 which was quite the event since she was living near London and he was living in Pennsylvania. Somehow they both ended up together and in Florida! They are expecting a "millennium" baby boy!


--Consuelo Ullo
A Tampa baby boy is expected for of luck!


--Leesi Oshins
Leesi and her husband Michael are neweds and now they could be millennial baby parents. They live in Weston Florida witch is right outside of Fort Lauderdale. They got married on Valentines Day 1999 and kew they would start trying for a baby one they were "official" Then it happened.

As Leesi tells us, "we had know idea that it would happen so fast. To quote a good friend of mine "You shot...You scored!"

"We are so excited about the baby, let alone if he/she is a millennium baby. That is just an extra perk. All of our friends are saying that if it is going to be anyone, it will happen to us" says Leesi.

Their actual due date is December 28, 1999. "We are planning a natural childbirth and would not consider inducing pregnancy to "cash in." However, I plan on keeping my fingers (and legs) crossed until the ball drops. Michael told me that once our due date passes on Dec. 28th, cross my legs tight. I doubt that it will work, but it was funny." So do we!

West Palm Beach

--Jennifer Milyo
Jennifer is due on January 2 2000, and as she puts it, "we were not even trying!". Jennifer is 21 and her fiance is 28. They were neighbors when they met and now they've been together going on four years.

"We are very excited about possibly having a millennium baby, don't know what my chances are, this is my first so I'm not quite sure how my body will react. I've heard that some people have their babies two weeks early and some one week late... so we're anxious to see what happens" says Jennifer.

"We are thrilled to be together and look forward to the birth of our baby. Wouldn't it been cool if we had the first REAL millennium baby?" says Jennifer. Yeah it would be really cool!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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