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--Aileen Jones
Aileen is not only going to ring in the New Year with a new baby, how about three new BABIES! Aileen is going to have triplets. Her doctors tell her if everything goes right, they will schedule her delivery on the 37th week. Which will be around the 1st and 2nd week of January 2000. Right now Aileen holds the record number of births�3� can anyone beat that?


--Sheila Carrol
Sheila and her husband Jason first thought of it as a "spur of the moment kind of thing", but they never imagined we they would conceive, let alone a millennium baby. That's how Sheila describes her conception method and her plans on timing a baby. The plans... the timing.. there wasn't any.

Sheila is 30 years old and Jason is 26. They live in O'Fallon Illinois, just outside of St. Louis Missouri. They have a son Garrett who is 12 and daughter Kayleigh who is four.

As far as their chances of delivering on January 1st, Sheila says, "with the first two children, I ran past my due date and had to be induced both times. I was in labor 40 hours with Garrett, and 9 hours with Kayleigh. With this in mind, we are hoping I will have to be induced once again (UGH!) so that we may choose to have it January 1, health permitting."

"We are excited about the possibility of having a "millennium" baby, or for that matter, the last baby of the 20th century. We weren't trying to get pregnant at all. I guess it just happened on the right day. But, we are more concerned with having a healthy baby and a safe, SHORT, labor/delivery" says Sheila.

Crystal Cannon

Kristin says she is truly excited about having her first born child and she only hopes that he/she is healthy. Kristin's official due date is January 1st.

Glendale Heights

--Maghana Patel
Meghana's first clue that she was pregnant wasn't an unfamiliar one...she started throwing-up for about five days. That's when she told her husband to get a home pregnancy test at the store. Well, first suspicion turned out to be correct. The test came out positive and now Meghana's says she thinks it's going to be a millennium baby.

Meghana works for Menards in the hardware department after giving up ownership of a Dunking Donuts in Oklahoma last year.

She tells us, "I think that the Millennium Baby will be very cool. Its like the baby will computerize or something like that. As a matter of fact, I just want the year 2000 come fast because I just cannot wait 8-9 months. The Millennium Baby will be given the most priority and well taken care of rather than being born on the rest of the days."

Scott Air Force Base

--- Claver Luz Morris
She is due on New Year's Eve, but thinks her baby will be born in 2000, she expects a millennium baby.


--Ronette Worster
Ronette is expecting twin girls! Alexandra and Jaedyn they are due on January 16.


--Gabriella Davis
Gabriella says she didn't plan on having a millennium baby, but that's great with her. She and her husband are both 36 and this is their first child. They don't know if they will have any more children, and they will are just thrilled to be expecting.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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