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---Anne and Gary Keynon
Anne and her husband, Gary are expecitng a little boy January 2, 2000. This will be Anne's first child and Gary's fourth. Anne and Gary say they were planning for their wedding when when she came down with the flu...- the nine month flu! Anne says "We were surprised, but very happy. Being pregnant is a wild experience. It is a miracle how two humans can make another. I couldn't wait until I had my ultrasound, my son is beautiful. I was able to see every bit of his body, the doctors say he is very healthy and will probably be a good size at time of delivery. I assume he will be as well, I have gained a total of 45 lbs, and I feel every bit of it. My back hurts most of the time, my feet are so swollen by the end of my day, and sleeping is difficult." Their baby's name will be Jansen Tylerl.

Fort Wayne

--Laura Rang
Laura's due date is right on New years day! January 1, 2000!


Jennifer was one of the Everything2000 moms who contacted us before the big April 9th conception date to lets us know she would be trying. And as luck, God and the forces of would have it, she got pregnant.

She tells us, "Great News! We found out a week ago with three home pregnancy tests that I am pregnant! I guess I went overboard with three tests, but the first one was very faint since I did it a little early, so I bought a kit with two tests the next time. After the second one came out positive also, I had nothing to do with the third test, so I figured what the heck and did it again just for grins and giggles. My husband thinks I've gone insane! Ha Ha" Although she hasn't determined an official due date, her calculations say it's January 3rd 2000.

Jennifer says she's getting a little sick now and then, but her attention for now is more on her year-and-a-half old toddler and getting him potty trained. She also is concerned that this will be a healthy pregnancy since a previous one ended in a miscarriage on January 28th of 1999. She says, "this time I'm not so much worried about my weight. As long as I don't miscarry again, I don't care if I gain 50 lbs!

She says the doctors assure her that the chances of it happening again are very slim since my first pregnancy was so uncomplicated. She says the miscarriage was probably due to the fact that she was very ill with strep throat and a high fever when six weeks pregnant."

She says "the thought of having the first baby of the year is sort of a fun idea, but on the other hand, I wonder what my chances of actually being the first one actually are. Not very good I suppose, even if everything goes perfectly. There are thousands of women who get pregnant every day. But someone has to be the first and it's still fun to think about."

"I think it is important to know that my husband and I wanted a baby at this time in our lives, the fact that it could be a Y2K baby interests me more than my husband. He just wants a healthy baby, and doesn't really care when it comes. I feel sorry for all the children who are conceived at this time for all the wrong reasons."

--Jodi Morgan
Jodi is interested in entering some sort of contest to take advantage of her possible millennium pregnancy. Jodi and her husband are both 27 and have been living in Indianapolis for three years. They started trying to get pregnant in October 1998.

"I have had a few problems so in February the doctor put us on Fertility drugs (a low dose)" says Jodi. "It did not decide to work until April. This was nothing we had really planned, but we are very happy none the less."

Jodi's ultrasound shows that she's due 12-31-99 but the doctor says 1-3-2000. Jodi says, "I really have not given much thought to having the first baby of 2000 or the last of 1999, but it would be cool. I just want it to be healthy and happy. I can not wait. It seems so far away but everyone says it will be here sooner than I think(or wish). I don't believe that. The doctor said this could be our only shot at children, so I can not wait!!"


---Carrie mcShane
Carrie's baby will be induced on December 31, 1999. This is theirfirst child. and they hope that it is the first of the millennium.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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