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--January Lanosa
January is 31 years old and thrilled that her baby may be the first baby of 2000 although she did not plan her pregnancy. Her due date is January 4, 2000. Her story is one of "I should have entered".

As she puts it, "back in the beginning of April a radio station in Boston put 3 couples up in a hotel for the weekend to see if 1 of them could conceive that weekend to win a millennium baby contest and of course I was laughing at these couples and low and behold I was the one who got pregnant."

She thinks her chances of a January 1st are "excellent" because of some rather odd reasons. She gives her reasons as, "this was not planned, I hope I have the first baby of 2000 and my birthday is January 11." January says "The signs are all there. That's why I would love to enter a contest!


---Michelle Carpenter
This is Michelle's first baby and she's a little nervous about the whole idea of giving birht. Her baby is due on January 1, 2000. She is in a with a radio station in Virginia Beach, VA Z104.7. Her and her husband are in the Coast Guard and had to move kind of in the middle of the pregnancy. They used to live down in South Mills, NC about 30 min from VA Beach. The radio station calls Michelle once a month and keep track of what's going on and she has a beeper number to call when she gets ready to deliver. No wonder she's nervous!

This baby will be the first grandchild for Michelle's side of the family, and the whole family is coming up from South Carolina at the end of the year to be there for the occasion. They bought their tickets in June to make sure they could get a flight and not miss the baby event of the millennium.

She knows it's a girl! They still haven't thought of a name, but they want something that is not popular. However, they want her to have a special name. They just moved to Mass. And hope it's not snowing on the first when they are due. --Jennifer Presley
Travis and Jennifer will soon be the proud parents of Dylan Mark Christy. His due dateis Jan.9 but the doctors insist he will be early because he is so big. Travis is a mechanic and Jennifer is a waitress. The couple has already picked a Godmother for their baby she will be Jenifer's best friend Krysta Learned. Jennifer says �she has been a complete supportand is just about as impatient as us .� Jennifer and Travis wish all the mom's the best of luck.


---January Lanosa
January is due in January..on the 2nd to be exact. At first the doctor told her a later date, then moved it up, so this is the last week and counting! She will be at Mass General Hospital in Boston on the big day!

Cape Cod

It was Tina's birthday on April 9th and she says she and her husband decided why not give it a try for a millennium baby... they did it! Tina thinks of her daughter on the way as her birthday baby too. The couple has a four year old son.


---Julie B.
Julie and her husband Simon are expecting their first baby on January 2, 2000, but they'd be psyched to have a New Year Baby because it's her late grandfather's birthday. "Pop" was born on 1/1/11, and Julie says it'd be really neat if his great grandchild was born on 1/1/00. But whatever the birthdate, she's ready and willing and just hoping for a healthy little squirt.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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