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--- Atkinson, Deborah Denise Debora's baby is due on New Year's Eve and she is a girl who will be named Alex Nicole. This will be Debora's third child. She has one son who is 13 and one daughter 9 years old. She says the baby wasn't planned but she's thrilled anyway. Deborah thinks she's too old to be having a baby (37 years old) she has to start all over. Even so, she can't wait and says whether she's born in 1999 or 2000 doesn't really matter, she will be her baby and she can't wait

---Audette, Kelly Chrisitne Kelly wasn't trying for a millenium just happened. Her baby is due on December 30th of 1999. She is not too concerned whether or not she has a millenium baby; she just wants her baby to be healthy!

---Arnold, Christina This will be Christina's first child and she is due on December 29. The idea of having the 1st baby of the year 2000 is very exciting for her, however Christina's not real thrilled with being in the hospital at that time because of Y2K, she doesn't want anything to go wrong.

---Bartlett, Chastity January 1, 2000 is the due date and the baby is a girl. Her name will be Jordan Tyler. Chastity says she plans to raise her daughter by the old fashioned rules that she was taught as a child. She wants her daughtr to say yes mam' and no sir and thank-you and please.

---Beasley, Gretta Gretta says she and her husband and I are expecting our first child on 01/01/00. They didn't plan it, but they think it would be neat to have the baby be a "millennium" one.

---Beller, Mark Mark says it is very exciting for his wife to potentially give birth to the millennium baby. Their actual due date is January 1st. In reality though, Mark says they don't really care which date the baby is born on, just as long as our baby is healthy. That aside, he thinks it would be exciting to have a child with the birthdate of 1/1/2000. Certainly it would be nice to have the first child born in the millennium. Mark says he is very excited to say the least. To prove that excitment he has personally performed several ultrasounds on my baby to be, and says he is the only person he knows who has a photo-album of their baby, while the baby is still in-utero.

---Berney, Jacqueline This is going to be Jacqueline's first child, so naturally she is very excited. Her due date is Jan. 9th, however by her ultra sound they believe he could come a week earlier..which would be right around Jan. 1st. Jacqueline says that would be a great start to the new millenium !

---Boyd, Angela and Rene Lopez Angela says when she conceived her child, they were not even thinking of the year 2000. But with their delivery date only a few weeks away, they cant help but think we might actually have The Millenium Baby. Her only regret now is that we did not get in touch with people at TLC. Angela says The Learning Channel is always doing documentaries on stuff like this, and she would have loved to be apart of some sort of documentary or program

---Bradley, Tracy Tracy is due on January 1, 2000, but it wasn't always that date. At first the doctor told her that her due date was January 12, but he changed it. This is Tracy's first baby and she knows it is a boy. Her husband doesn't really want a millennium baby, his birthday is on the 26th of December and he wants the baby as a birthday present.

---Brauns, Angela Angela's due on January 2, 2000. She says a lot of people have the fear of the world coming to a complete stop with the power going out, not having running water, etc. She thinks that is crazy!! Angela sees nothing different but a new millennium. She has no fear that things will go wrong, and actually cannot wait to see who the first is! Angela has a daughter who is just over four years old.

---Bruner, Chelli Perry For Chelli Perry New Year's eve has a special meaning. She lost her mother on New Year's Eve in 1996, and when the doctor told her the baby's due date was December 31st, Chelli said tears rolled down her cheekks. Chelli feels she has an angel looking over her with a proud heart.

---Calzado, Christina Chrisina is due on 1/13/2000, but says you never know after the 36th week anything is possible. Her baby is a girl and Christina thinks it would be great to have her daughter on January 1, 2000.

---Cheeseman, Diane Diane's due date isn't until 1/20/00, However, she has been thinking what it would be like to have her child born on 1/1/00. She says she wasn't trying to conceive the millenium baby anyway. After the birth of her baby she has decided to take some time off work and enjoy her new addition. Diane says its funny how she used to think of the Year 2000 as a child, she thought she'd be flying around in some sort of a �Jetson� car by now!

---Cirinelli, Katherine Katherine just wants a healthy, happy baby whenever it decides to be born. The baby was a surprise becasue she was not trying to conceive, in fact she was taking birth control pills and found out to her surpirse she was pregnant. Katherine says �Though it would be something to have THE millenium baby, we are just happy to be having OUR baby. �

---Colding, Angie Angie's baby isn't due until Jan 17, 2000, but she says you never know if the baby decides to come earlier. She thinks t would be interesting and irritable if the baby was the first to be born in 2000. Nice to know it, but irriating that everyone around the world would be bugging them. She has put the whole thing in God's hand and just wants a healthy, happy baby.

---Coleman, Jasmine Jasmine says she is truly excited about having a Y2K baby!

---Cimiluca, Joanne Joanne's baby is due on January 1, 2000. She says she wasnt even trying and look what happened!

---Dees, Linda Linda says her due date is Jan. 5, but by the look of things it won't wait that long!

---Dennison, Stacey Stacey says she is very excited about our new arrival, she wasn't trying for a millennium baby and hopes . everything goes well even if the baby isn't born on the 1st.

---Diaz, Ammi Ammi's wife is due on Decemebr 30th, but with thier previous child, she was approximately 1-1/2 days late. Their has asked them to consider inducing labor early due to the crowds expected at the hospital on New year's eve.

---Evans, Stacy Melton Stacy is expecting her own little angel on January 3, 2000. While she doesn't really care what date her son decides arrive in the world she thinks a January 1, 2000 birthdate would be great, because then everyone else will realize how special YOUR child is!

---Gerolami, Leslie Leslie says she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second child... her Jan. 2nd due date was not even planned!!!

--Giese, Jessica Jessica is due on January 1,2000 and doesn't really care when her baby comes as long as the little one is healthy. Jessica says God will provide for all her needs. My baby is due January 1st. We have wanted a baby for a while but we were not planning to have a millennium baby however God decided it was time.

---Gonzales, Rassel Her due date is on December 30, 1999. This is their first baby and they are very excited about it, even if their baby is born before or after the millenium year.

--Graham, Kimberly

---Greenfield, Beatrice Castano Her Due date is January 2nd 2000.

---Harrell-Batiste, Tracey

---Hazelett, Michelle

---Joem, Marie Due date is Jan. 8th 2000.

---Kaminsky, Katherine Having her baby on New Years is the least of Katherine's priorities, she says she is much more concerned with having a healthy baby boy. Her due date IS December 31st !

---Kurtyka, Lori Lori says a Y2K baby wasn't even on her mind when we conceived. She says she wasn't even aware of the date nor when the baby would be born. Lori says she thinks the baby was conceived after making up after an argument. Only recently when someone mentioned it to her, did she realize what a big deal the first January 1, 2000 baby would be. Lori's official due date is December 31, 1999.

---Laird, Stefanie Stefanie is due on New year's eve. Her first child was born at 12:02 am on the day after her due date, so it coild just happen again

---Lee, Shantel This is her 1st baby. And the due date is 12-31-99

---Logan-Davis, Linda Linda knows her baby will born on either December 31st or January 1st because her doctor's are going to induce labor on New Year's eve because her water broke early and they have no choice.

---Lojacono, Kathleen Kathleen has wanted a child for some time now & the week of perfect conception in April 99 she justs happened to be on vacation in Las Vegas. Kathleen says she and her husband took advantage of the situation & are now expecting a son with an estimated due date of Jan 2.


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