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---MacDonald, Iain & Leaha they did not plan to have the millennium baby, but their due date is January 2 /00. The baby is a girl and her name will be Shannon. This couple is half hoping that she'll appear before Christmas

--- Manjula Manjula is due on the first of January.

---Martin, Sheri Sheri thinks it's really cool, and she wasn't even trying to conceive. Sheri and her husband were going to wait a year, but she says suff happpens and here they are. Her actual due date is 12/28/99, but all of her other kids have been late so you just never know.

---Marturana, Patrice Patrice says she knows she is having a boy and all she wants to do now is see him! ---Medeiros, Nancy We were really shocked to hear that my due date is January 1, 2000. We didn't plan it this way, it just happened. What a great surprise!!!!

---Megyesi, Patricia It's a girl due January 1st!

---Midili, Kristie Kristie is sure going to busy...Kristie is due on New year's Eve and ready for will be her 7th child!!!!

---Montheard, Barbara + Larry Due on Dec 29, 1999, they've been trying for many years to become pregnant. They are very excited and can't wait to meet our little bun in the oven.

---Mullikin, Kim Elizabeth Kim's mom Bev Corner wrote in for Kim since Kim and her husband Peter don't have a computer. Kim's due date is January 3, 2000 this will be her second child. She has a 3-year old daughter Emily also and this time she and her husband are expecting a boy.

---Naveda, Lorena Lorena's not sure just when her millennium baby will come it is due any time from 12-26-99 to 01-01-2000.

---Payne, Leisa Looking forward to such a memorable occassion what better way to ring in the new year than to be giving birth to our first baby

--- Perry, Gloria Perry Due with very first baby on January 1, 2000.

---Peters, Melissa Melissa says it feels really great to have a millennium baby, and she hopes she is going to be a great mother!

---Pike, Julie I'm not to concerned about having the baby on Jan.1 near midnight...don't get me wrong, that would be wonderful...but if it doesn't happen I hope it is before Jan. 1.

---Poderoso, Charie

---Potts. Debra Debra doesn't really want a January baby, that's because she is the mother of 5 daughters and 4 of them were born in January. This time around things will be different though, Debra is expecting a boy!

---Powell, Elaine Elaine's due date is January 1, 2000 & Elane says her daughter was born on her Due date (December 29, 1993) so she thinks this baby has a good chance of being Born on his due date. Yes, it's a boy.

---Quemuel, Bernadette F It all started with a joke between this couple ..they laughed about having a baby born in the year 2000. They were stunned to find out that their due date was on New Year;s Eve. Bernadette is hoping to give birth on January 1, 2000, but most of all she wishes for a healthy baby.

---Ramirez, Michele This is baby number 5 for Michele. She has mixed emotion on having a Y2K baby. Her due date is actually January 9, 2000 and she says it is scary, but exciting.

---Rathbun, Donna Donna and her husband, Bobare expecting their 4th child, a girl, on Jan. 1, 2000. They have two boys ages 10 years and 8 years and a little girl, 21 months. While donna is due on the first she says all herkids were born at least a week late, so she's not expecting to deliver right on the 1st.

---Renuka Suresh She is very much excitedabout having her baby born on the first day on the millenium.

---Roby, Linda Linda says �What a way to bring in the New Year!� A new baby addition to our family would be very exciting and an honor to introduce her or him to the new world in the New Year of 2000! Best wishes to all the Moms for a heathly and happy start, of a new life and of a New Year!

--Rocha, Rachel Lynn Rachel's official due date is Jan.2. but she is hoping to have it on the first. She and her husband are very anxiousand say the funny thing is, they we were not trying to have a baby.

---Rutunno, Lori Lori is expecting her third child on January 1, 2000. This will be her first girl, she already has two beautiful sons, Jake 6 and Anthony3, who are as excited as she and her husband Chris are.

---Sharma, Sanjay & Smriti Is hoping her baby is born in the Year 2000 and this couple says that the baby will be a blessing. They also say that the new century is a great opportunity to all work together toward world peace.

---Simpson, Chantel Chantel is excited about the possibility of having the first baby of the year 2000, but also feel sthat there will be too much media attention to the first baby. No rest for the family!

---Amanda Sowell

---Spence, Evelyn Evelyn's due date is January 11th. She hopes the baby will come sooner, but says she really doesn'tt care whether or not she gives birth on the 1st she says having a baby born in 2000 is exciting enough.

. ---Stevart, Kimberly This is Kimberly's second child she has a 2 1/2 year old daughter and this baby is also expected to be a girl. Her first baby was ten days overdue and this baby is due on 12/23/99 but could very well be overdue and therefore be a millennium baby!

---Stevens, Jennifer and Nicholis This couple did not plan to have a "milleni-baby". In fact, they say they are not so sure that New Years is the best time to be in the hospital.. This will be their second child, their daughter was born September 23, 1996 and she is very excited to become a big sister. Jennifer says although a New Years baby would be very exciting, she is mostly hoping for a healthy, happy one! ---Tanner, Kathernine We are expecting our first child (boy) on 12/31/99. So far everything is on schedule!

---Tarolli, Karejanis & Gregory This couple has been invited to be on the new TV show called "Later today" on NBC. They have appeared twice already, and are expected to appear 2 more times. This just adds to their excitement over the new addition to their family.

---Tenorio, Joanna Tillie This is Joanna's third child and her first girl. Joanna says her family jokes about the fact that there may be no lights and she may have to deliver by flashlight, but she tells them that she is going to come into this world lights or no lights. She just pray sthat everything goes smooth with the birth and there are no complications.

---Trujillo-Kolosseus, Sharon Sharon has a great story. She and her husband have been trying to conceive for four years. Her grandmother had a dream that they would conceive on April 9th. They had already tried everything else from several IUI's to one attempt at at IVF. The couple thought..what do we have to lose by trying it one more time "au naturale". So they set a date on the calendar and what a miracle, it worked! The happy couple is expecting on or around January 1st, 2000! I am trying not to stress out about the date too much. The baby will come when the baby is ready...Sharon says she has nightmares that at the stroke of midnight instead of her friends and family yelling "Happy New Year" they will all start yelling "PUSH"!!!

---Townsley-Vielma, Kristin Kristin is hoping to have one of the first babies born in the Year 2000, but most of all she just wants a healthy baby.

---Walmsley, Melody Melody is very excited about having another child. As for the millenium baby, she feels that's alot of pressure , but is handeling it alright right now. Can't wait for the New Year and the new baby!

---Walsh, Amy Amy is very excited about the possibility of giving birth to a "millennium baby". She says it all just adds to the excitement of having a baby.

---Vajentic, Wendy Lou Wendy thinks her baby may be early, she is due on January 4, 2000.

---Valach-Figueroa, Lorrie Ann Lorrie says she is just excited about having a baby. But especially for the milliennium.

---Valdez, Ann Ann is expecting a baby girl at the beginning of 20000 and is very excited.

---Vandivier, Craig My fianc�e has a due date of December 27th .. She is hoping to go a few days late.. With luck we hope to have a y2k baby.

---Vazquez, Mitzie At first Mitzie thought it was ridiculous, hearing on the news there was a deadline for couples who wanted to conceive for the millennium. It sounded worse than the taxes deadline. Mitzie said she not going to be part of this craze and just sat back and laughed at all the people who were trying to meet thisdeadline. Then on June 22, Mitzie had a doctor's appointment in which she found out she was pregnant...Mitzie says �WHOA were we surprised! We tried going back to See when we had conceived and sure enough it was around that "deadline".TOTALLY ACCIDENTAL�. Mitzie says shecan hardly wait to see her baby K" girl.

---Walsh, Amy Amy is expecting a boy on January 1, 2000! She isvery excited about the prospect of having one of the first "millenium babies". Although this was not planned, Amy says she would be disappointed if I give birth in 1999

---Wilkinson, Heather

---Zagone, Holly Christina We just think it's cool. clear

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