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My husband and I and our three-year-old son are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new baby boy very soon.� The due date is set for Jan. 29th, but I am scheduled for a c-section due to complications�on Jan. 20th.� We think we have a pretty good shot at having a millennium baby because my body has been trying to push this along and give birth since early November.�� I am currently on bed rest and have been hospitalized twice for complications and early labor.� We are all really hoping that I can make it until Jan 20th but some days I'm sure "today's the day!!��� Whenever he comes we just pray he is healthy!!


---Melissa Pallone
This is the letter Melissa's mother-in- law wrote to us �Her name is Melissa (Missy) Pallone and she is married to my son Harold A. Pallone II, they have a 15 month old son named Harold A. Pallone III. Besides expecting a Millenium Baby, the City of Cortland will also be celebrating it's Centennial New Years Eve. Main Street is completely decorated and they will also have a ball dropping to ring in the New Year. So there will be two special events going on. My son and daughter-in-law are very excited about the possibility of having a Millenium Baby, especially living in a small city, her odds seem very good. We love her dearly and hope the best for her and all the new Millenni-Moms. And you are right, Millenni-mom does have a nice ring to it.�

Glen Falls ---Susan Goodale
Susan is due on January 20th, but just recently told that she will be a couple weeks early, so you never know!


---Evelyn Spence
Evelyn's due date is January 11th and this will be her and her husband's third child. Theyhave two sons and are secretly hoping for a healthy girl. Both Evelyn and her husband are full-time students and were studying for midterms but somehow managed to take a break ...and look what happened!

New York City

--Katrina Brown
Katrina is due on January 12, 2000 but hopefully my baby will arrive on the first of January. This will be Katrina's first baby.

--Karen Guevara
Karen likes the idea of having a Year 2000 baby, but wouldn't mind a 1999 baby as well, especially for IRS reasons. She is 28 and lives with her husband 45 minutes north of Manhattan. Her official due date is December 31 1999.

Karen says, "I am very excited about the possibility of having one of the first babies of the new year. Maybe because there's been so much hype about the whole thing. However, a 1999 baby wouldn't be too bad either: tax write off!!!"

"I was very surprised at the news that I was pregnant because we weren't trying. It was funny finding out my due date was so close to the new year for that very reason," says Karen.

She too is interested in millennium baby contests. We hope she finds one. "I never expected to be in the running! I think it will be exciting to have one of the first babies born in the new year- maybe even the first! You never know...." says Karen.

--Teresa Guidice
Teresa says it is exciting and amazing and even if their baby wasn't due on January 1 they would still consider it amazing. They weren't trying to have a New Year baby.

---Cathy and Walter Megger
This couple has been trying to have their first baby since 1997! Their due date is on New Year's Eve and they are a bit apprehensive about the possibility of power outages and chaos predicted. However Walter says it could be one adventuresome delivery. ---Jennifer Suozzo
Jennifer's due date is January 1, 2000, She is very excited about giving birth to the first millenium baby.


--Traci Flaherty
Traci and her husband would be thrilled to have the first baby of the New year. Their first concern however, is the health of their baby. Local merchants donate prizes to the new baby and the baby is featured in our small town paper.


---Melissa Pallone
Melissa's mother-in-law actually wrote to us on behalf of Melissa. She tells us Melissa is due on January 1, and everything is moving along right on schedule. This will be Melissa's second child. The proud grandma is Patty Pallone!


Monday, September 28, 2015

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