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North Carolina


---Elkins, Jennifer Nichole
Jennifer is having a girl, and her due date is January 2! Jennifer says she didn't try for the Millenium Baby, but it sure would be nice!!! What is most important is that the baby is healthy, that is the first priority!

---Heather Wiseman
Heather and her husband Eric are expecting their first baby on the first of January 2000, but Heather is not speculating whether she will deliver on time or not. Heather is 27 years old and very happy she having a baby. She says, "For us it's not a race and the timing wasn't intentional, but we hear there are perks for being first or last! We're just hoping for a happy, healthy baby, and a safe turn of the new year."

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--Marty-Jo Wilson
Marty-Jo thinks the possibility is exciting -- what a great way to start a new year! She says �I spent most of my life trying to decide where in the world I wanted to be at midnight on New Year's Eve 1999 -- in labor was not on my list!!! � Marty-Jo says her husband has the fireworks ready and there's plenty of excitement from her friends and family no matter when the baby decides to arrive!


---Tamika Robinson and Edward Martin
This couple's original due date was on 12/20/99, but for some uncertain reason the baby still hasn't arrived. They are due to see the doctor on 12/29/99. They are expecting a daughter and her name will be Alexandria Je' nelle Martin. Who knows maybe she is trying to be the FIRST BORN in the year 20000!!!!!!!!!!!


---Barbara J. Doe
A double celebration for Barbara who is expecting twins-a boy and a girl- on January 30th. Most twins are born between the 36th and 37th week of gestation making them possible millenium babies! Barbara is very excited and cannot wait to see her wonderful babies. Barbara did not plan on having the first babies of the millenium, but feels lucky enough to be blessed with TWO beautiful babies to love. Barbara says � It would be fantastic if they were born on the January 1st, 2000. What a way to start out the new year! Best wishes to all the mom's who are pregnant and expecting - at any time or any date. There is nothing more exciting than awaiting the arrival of the life (or lives) that grow inside us. Hope all are happy and heathy!�


---Katrina Terrell Coleman
Katrina is expecting her baby on January 1 and is expecting him to be born right at midnight! His name will be Caleb Azariah Coleman and he is anxiously awaited by his family and soon-to-be friends.


---Butner, Sherry


---Dawn Creelman Picon
This was not at all planned! But Dawn says she couldn't be happier. She is due on January 3, but her doctor tells her any day


---Tracy Bradley


Monday, September 28, 2015

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