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---Doreen Noble
I think it would be very cool to have one of the first babies born in 2000, even cooler to have THE first baby born in 2000!  But, if she's born in 1999, we'll keep her!  Actually, that would be cool too....when she's old, her grandchildren can say "Wow, you were born in the 1900s!"

A funny story about my pregnancy was in my first trimester.  We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in Italy and we found out we were pregnant (it's our first) a week before our trip.  My husband would always tease me because all throughout the trip it was "Hon, I'm tired. Hon, I'm hungry. Hon, I gotta pee."  It was pretty comical because we were on a tour and sometimes you couldn't just stop where you were, ya know?  Well, maybe you had to be any case, it was funny to us!


---Bahareh Entezampour
Bahareh and her husband Bo are very excited that their second child could be a millennium baby. Bahareh is 27 and has been married for five years and the couple has a two year old daughter. She believes her chances for delivering on her due date of January 1st is "very high".

Bahareh says, "millennium is important but more important is the precious baby that we will blessed with. For me having a healthy baby is more important than having my baby on January 1, 2000."

Bahareh's husband is the Dean of College of health careers and Sciences. Bahareh is student in biomedical fields. Entezampour's believe any influence the Y2K computer bug may on their delivery is insignificant. "We believe that the hospitals are well equipped and physicians are well trained and both are prepared for health fair of the patients despite all the fuss and fume about Y2K" says Bahareh.


---Doreen Noble
Doreen's actual due date is December 29th, but she is hoping her baby can hold off a few days because she would love to have one of the first babies of the New Year.

--Lisa Woolum

This is Lisa's first baby, and she is hoping to have a millenium baby. She is actually due on December 29,1999. Lisa says " I hope we can wait a couple more days !! "


---Angelica Woods
Angelica's due date keeps changing .. it started on December 26. it is now December 27 and she is still waiting. Maybe she'll get lucky and have a millenium baby!


---Heather Anne Shafer
Heather is due on the 5th of January, but her doctor says she has a good shot at the first millennium baby also!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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