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Anne-Marie is a thirty-five year old housewife, expecting her second child on December 30th, 1999. She thinks it's "ironic" that she got pregnant because she says "this was an UN-PLANNED pregnancy, and I wasn't even aware of the big fuss on the Y2K baby promotion until now! I can't imagine how many lengths some people have gone through to conceive a baby for the year 2,000! UNREAL!"

"I am not so much concerned as to WHEN I deliver, only that our baby is healthy! I think that is the most important factor for now" she says. She and her husband moved Sacramento two years ago to Brookings Oregon, a small town of 5,500 people surrounded by redwoods near the California border.

As far as my chances of delivering on January the 1st of the year 2000, she's not sure. "As this is my second child, I might deliver earlier than the due date, but then again who knows?" says Anne-Marie. "Every pregnancy is different. A suppose it's the luck of the draw, and the will of God. As long as the baby is born healthy, I'll even be happy if we deliver before the beginning of the year. Besides, we might be able to get a tax break for it. "

She says, "I am excited to be having a baby so close to the beginning of a new century. This will mark new beginnings, and perhaps a symbol of hope for the on-coming generation, as I would like to believe in the best of people, despite all the negative things your hear about on the news today."

Anne-Marie already has a two and a half year old son, born on December the 20th. She thinks it's "ironic that this too might be a December baby, given that the is December 30th, 1999. This will be my last child (the one that I'm carrying) as I feel too old to attempt another addition to our family. Besides the fact that this "old American budget" couldn't handle another."


--- Gabriella Delancey
Gabriella's due date has been moved up to January 2, 2000 and that means she is really excited about the possiblity of having one of the first babies of the new century. She is from a small community and expects she will be the first in her town to have a baby in 2000 which is exciing enough. She already has one child, a 2 year old boy.


---D Lee
Her baby is due on Jan5, but she thinks it may be early. Her husband always said their first baby would be a millennium baby and she thinks he'll be right judging by the size and way she looks right now.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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