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---Teresa Battaglia
Teresa met her husband-to-be when they were kids. Her husband's grandmother lived across the street from Teresa and they would see each other when he came to visit. Every summer they spent time together and then had to part in the fall. Finally after years of not seeing each other, or even talking to each other he came looking for her. Teresa says its been a dream come true ever since. They say the millennium baby is a fairy tale come true!


---Nicole Bassett
Nicole (26) and her husband Bryan (28) believe they have a good chance at having a Year 2000 baby but they weren't too excited about the due date.

Bryan says, "we did NOT want to have a baby on new years day of the new millennium, so we avoided trying to conceive on the days that the news said it was possible. After she was acting differently I suggested a home pregnancy test, well two in fact came up positive, she went to the doctors and the doctor said her due date is the first of the new year."

This will be their second child. Their daughter Jera was born on 12/17/97 at 1am. Bryans says, "my wife was due on the 15th and her labor started on the we were one day late the first time and maybe we will be one day early this time".

Bryans says they are very excited and "delighted to be having our second child and very surprised and excited to be possibly of the only ones in this area to be due during that timeframe.


---Paula Devine
I live in Altoona,Pa. and I'm due January 1. It will be exciting to see who has the first millenium baby!


---Angela Murray
Angela says she knows it's a boy and it's due just in time for the new millennium.


---Shelly Smith
Shelly is 29 years old and is expecting her third baby on January 1st. She says, "we were not planning this event in the least just happened." Shelly is one of those women you hear about but never really meet because she was on birth control pills and still got pregnant.

She tells us she didn't even really know there was a bunch of hype about Millennium babies until friends told them about it. Shelly says, "it would be interesting having a baby born on Jan 1. I think it would also be neat to have one born on Dec. 31. I think 70 years from now it will be cool to say that you were born back in the 1900's."

Both of Shelly's other children were born by c-section. Their doctor thinks there is a small chance she could give birth, but she thinks she will do a c-section. And probably before the first. She says, "I would rather be safe than sorry. If something does go wrong on Jan. 1 I would hate to be pregnant. I would rather be safe at home with my newborn."

Shelly says her husband will want to schedule a c-section the week before incase anything bad happens after the first. "Talked to a friend who works in the local hospital in delivery and she says they haven't tested all their equipment yet and to be truthful they have no clue. Now they hope to have it tested sometime this summer, but who would trust people who wait to the last minute" says Shelly.


---Belinda Garrison
I can't believe I am expecting my first on January 1st. We know it's going to be a little girl and her name will be Brianna Marie.


---Josephine Garcia
Josephine says her due date says one thing her ultrasond another. Her due date is actually December 29, but her ultrasound says that she's due on January 1,2000. Josephine says she is very nervous, she didn't plan to have a millinium baby but now that she is it is very exciting.


---Maria Lennon
Maria says she did not plan this, it just so happened that she got pregnant on April 9th, she had started trying in March. The couple already have 2 boys, Brandon 12 and Shane 2, this baby is a girl. She will be called Jordan Elizabeth. Both their boys are holiday babies, so we guess it runs in the family.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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