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---Marla Merritt
Marla is due on January 1st, 2000. She has 3 other children and all have been very close to their due date.


---Lisa Feber
Lisa is 28 years old and a kindergarten teacher in Clarksville Tennessee. At first, she did think she was having a millennium baby, in fact she wasn't even trying for it.

"When we first found out that I was pregnant our due date was the middle of December. But when I was 7 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound showed that I was really 5 weeks pregnant which moved my due date to December 28, 1999" says Lisa. Now, Lisa has had six ultrasounds and now she says her chances of delivering on January 1st are "very good". Will I have a January 1, 2000 baby? "Idon't know but it will be fun to find out" says Lisa.

She says her pregnancy was planned. In fact she and her husband ran their first marathon a couple of months before I became pregnant. Maybe that's the trick to getting pregnant when you want!


---Pamela Dotson
Pamela is tickled pink about her due date which her doctor has declared officially as January 1 2000. She tells us, "I thought the nurse was joking and then I was informed that pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual cycle, which for me was on March 27, 1999. After calculating this myself 40 weeks does make my official due date on January 1, 2000."

She says, "this is very exciting for me and my husband in that, we saw how so many couples were trying so hard to conceive by a certain date to have a due date on or around January 1st, yet, we actually and officially landed to every popular due date of JANUARY 1, 2000."

Pamela and her husband they want to have the first Y2K Baby at 12:00:01 a.m. on New Years Day at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville, TN.

Johnson City

---Ebony Alexander
Ebony's due date is January 6, 2000. Ebony is a single mom and while she would like to win something for giving birth on the first she's also skeptical of the attention since she's only 19 years old. Ebony just wants to have a healthy baby whenever he/she comes into the world.

Ebony says " I am sure there are many women who are expecting that are married and financially stable. That doesn't mean that she will be a better parent than me. So if my baby does happen to come on New Year's, I will hold my head high and be proud. "


---Bree R. Curry
Bree was just browsing through the computer and wondering who else is expecting a baby on 01/01/00. Bree just wants to say congratulations and good luck to all the other expecting moms out there!

---Atlantis Howard
��� I'm looking forward to having the first millennium baby. I will be delivering at Methodist south hospital.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

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