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---Tammie Kay
Tammie and her husband Tim are both 25 years old and from Burleson Texas. When they found out they were expecting their first child, they were excited. When the doctor said the due date was January 1, 2000, they really got excited. Tammie says, "My husband and I have been married for over four years we have been very excited about having a baby , we never dreamed it could be the millennium baby. our entire family is overjoyed and we are all looking forward to the future!"


---Kristen Krezdorn
Kristen is one of our most unusual Millenni-moms with a due date of January 1st because of her situation. In regards to giving birth to a Year 2000 baby she says,"I think that is cool, but have mixed feelings currently because I am only 16" Kristen is a single mom, unmarried and says "I am getting a lot of support from family though. I guess that is a sign that times are changing, for better or worse as we end the 1900's. I will be able to stay in School, I am able to use the internet for info and also to develop a world-wide support network using certain pregnancy related sites and share my experiences with other teens."

Kristen appeared to us in her correspondence to be very bright and intuitive about her situation. She believes the changes in attitudes toward single, young unwed mothers is helping. She says, "expecting a baby Jan 1, 1900 under my circumstances would certainly have been TOTALLY frightening, lonely and much more shameful.

Here's a story in mom's own words � We had a fertility problem, and we had fertility treatments, About 8 days after the treatment, I began to use home pregnancy tests, and they faintly would be positive, We were so excited! I called my Dr.'s office and asked if I could take my blood test early, and they said OK. So I went down and had my blood drawn, they gave me a form for a second test to have 2 days later, so they could measure the HCG level and how fast it would climb. I spent the day shopping for baby items, and I called 2 dear friends to tell them I was pregnant.

When I returned home, without a care in the world, the dr. called me, which was unusual, it was always the nurses who called with test results. The dr. then asked me if I had had my period yet, and I said no! I'm pregnant! I just had a test this morning! He said, I know, none of the nurses wanted to call and tell you, but it was negative. I was totally devastated. I called my husband and he came home from work, then I had to call my friends and tell them I wasn't pregnant, it was horrific.

I can't even tell you. I waited few days, and took another home pregnancy test, it also came up positive, but this time much clearer and stronger, I called the Dr. and he said that I probably had a tumor on my ovary and that's why the tests were reading positive. But, I had a feeling, so without telling anyone, I took the form the dr. had given me the week before, for the second blood test, and I went to the lab and had it drawn. Afew hours later the nurse from the hospital called me and asked if I had taken another test, when I told her yes I had, I was sorry but I had to know, she said, well the lab made an error with your first test, and you are indeed pregnant! "We've called the supervisor of the lab, and it's being investigated! But in the mean time we pulled your first blood specimen and retested it, it came out to be 115 not 2 and your are definitely pregnant!"

I called my husband at work, and he refused to believe me, I had to have the nurse call him! But he believed her! He rushed home, and I started calling the 2 friends I had previously told I was pregnant, then called and told them I wasn't and had to tell them I was again! Everyone must have thought I was nuts! Anyway, that's our story, we also have a pregnancy journal � Thanks for the great story!!


---Sandra Simmons
Sandra is going to have her hands full when this new baby comes. Sandra just had a baby on March 18, 1999, yes you read that right. She had a baby in March and is due again in Januray. The pregnancy was not planned, but they are happy even so. Sandra thinks it would be exciting having a baby right at midnight!


---Christy O'Dell
Christy was one of the Everything2000 moms that we were following before the big April 9th conception date. Now she tells us, "our attempts were successful!"

She says, "By my calculations, the due date is January 7th. Of course we all know that rarely does a baby actually come on their due date (statistically speaking only about 5% do). I'm feeling okay. My symptoms came earlier this time around since my last pregnancy which ended in miscarriage, and considering my higher chances of twins since I'm a twin and my husband has a twin brother and sister. This all should be rather interesting!!"

Christy saw a news story about the millennium baby craze and decided to jump in with two feet ( or four feet depending on your viewpoint). Christy recently had a miscarriage. She says she tried for a millennium baby "because we now have the okay from our doctor not because of the the "year 2000." If we do happen to have a baby at that particular time, then great! If not, then that's fine too. Our main focus is to have a healthy, happy baby after what we just went through."

She says, "I think this concept is really neat because not everyone gets to experience a new millennium, as well as the possibility of a new millennium baby. I think it would make our experience even more special."

Deer Park

---Kymberli Speedy
Kymberli is 27 and lives just outside of Houston Texas. She's very excited about just to be having her first baby. Her due date is December 29th, but since this her first child, her doctor is telling her that she will probably be a little late.

Kymberli says, "we have been trying since July of last year and were really surprised to find out that we were expecting. And being due on 01/01/00 is just more than we could hope for. What better way to ring in the new year than experiencing the miracle of life!!"


---Keith Powers
Keith and his wife are very excited about having a millennium baby, however they just want a healthy baby. Their first child was born with cystic Fibrosis. So they they don't really care as much about the date of the birth �they just want a baby that's healthy.

Grand Prairie

---Julie Davis
Julie thinks it will be great to have the first baby of 2000 or the last baby of 1999!


---Jill Senn
This is Jill's first child and she is expecting a boy. She says having the first child of the New Year would be a great honor. She can't imagine what it would be like to be the first child born in the whole world!


---Leanna Seaman
Here's a fun message we'll let you read it from a very proud dad William Seaman.We already had the baby! She was a little pre-mature to say the least, but she is doing fine! She was born 11/10/99! She weighed 4 pds. 7 oz. and was 16 inches long! She is beautiful just like her mother. We hope that every millenni-mom has as much joy as we do in the birth of their little child. We may not have had the big millenni- baby, we may not have won a bunch of stuff, but we did have a one-in-a-billion beauty and she has definatly won our hearts. Her name Is Rachel Leanna Seaman!


---Cynthia Ann Rinchiuso
The official due date was 12/25/99; however, based on date of conception, it is really 12/31/99. They were trying for a few months to conceive and were not necessarily trying for a "Millennium Baby" it has just happened that way

--- Shahrzad Abbasi


---Aimee Paul
Aimee 32, and her husband Kenneth are extremely excited about having a Year 2000 baby. Aimee and Kenneth were doing the best to conceive around the April 9th conception date and everything worked. She now reports they are pregnant with a due date of December She describes herself and her 39-year old husband as "professionals who work outside of the home".

She tells us, "I am due to ovulate around the 5th or 6th of April and we are hoping that this is the month it will happen for us!!!" "This will be our first baby together and we are thrilled with the thought of having our own family, and a Millennium Baby would only make her/him more special!!!! We were married May 1, 1998 so the baby will also be a Honeymoon Baby! We have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now."

League City

---Tonia Holland
My husband, Curtis and I were going to start trying to get pregnant in another six months. We had just moved to League City, Texas (south of Houston) from Beaumont, Texas, and were beginning our new lives with new jobs and a new town. We listened to all of the radio stations in Houston giving away hotel rooms around April 10th for people to try and conceive for a new years baby and even discussed how hectic the hospitals would be and how crazy these people were.

Then on April 18th when I was late, I knew something was wrong, because my body normally worked like clockwork. I went and got a pregnancy test at 7:00 am and when it was positive I went shopping for 8 hours trying to figure out how to tell my husband.

I finally came home from the mall, laid on the bed with my head in a pillow and held the pregnancy "stick" up in the air and told my husband to take it.......After he realized what it was, he laughed and said, "You finally got your wish", because although we were waiting to start trying, I love children and have wanted a baby since we got married 3 1/2 years ago. My first ultrasound showed a due date of January 7, 1999.

After the second ultrasound, the doctor said we were either having a big baby, or it would be due 1 week earlier which is December 31, 1999. We are very excited and nervous. We really don't care what day she comes, we just pray that she is healthy and everything goes okay.

Round Rock

---Jo Anne Harrison

San Antonio

---Lupe Melendez
Her baby is due on 1/10/00 Lupe says she is very excited don't care when it's born as long as He's healthy! She is 25 and he's 24! this is their 2nd child! Lupe says she wants the baby to come now, because she doesn't want to wait any longer the baby just keeps getting bigger!


---Melanie Watson
Melanie doesn't put too much thought into the date of her baby's birth. She's not worried about Y2K and is just happy to be having a baby.


---Gina Bergman
Gina's due date was on Christmas, but the baby hasn't been born yet and now the doctor thinks it will probably be born on December 31 or January 1. They are both excited, but apprehensive about Y2K and babies�but they are ready and will have to wait and see what happens.


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