10,000 Chinese To Make 10,000-Foot Dragon

New Year's Eve event along the Great Wall will unite Chinese youth

In celebration of the new millennium, 10,000 Chinese youth will attempt to set a world record by constructing a 10-thousand foot long dragon along The Great Wall of China. Hong Kong is also planing to set a world record for the longest fireworks display as part of its New Year's Eve events.

The Dragon Project is one of the major events China is planning to celebrate the new millennium, which happens to fall on the year of the dragon, the most auspicious of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. The dragon dance will take place at the Ba Da Ling section of the Great Wall and will be televised worldwide.

Apart from the "Dragon at the Great Wall" project, a variety of spectacular and colorful celebrations will be organized from December 1999 to mid-2000, to celebrate the new millennium. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the millennium extravaganza will kickoff on New Year's Eve at Hong Kong's Happy Valley Racecourse.

The all night party will be highlighted by a 1,400-meter long pyrotechnic display, which might gain a new entry in the Guinness Book of World records as the longest fireworks display ever. The display will encircle the racecourse and be one of the centerpieces of Hong Kong's New Year's Eve celebrations.

The Dragon Project is part of a nationwide conference for Chinese youth. Hong Kong youths will join the mainland Chinese young people in demonstrating their determination and commitment to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

The project comprises three parts, namely the dragon dance at The Great Wall, a youth conference on meeting the challenges of the new millennium and the Dragon Foundation. In February 2000, 10,000 Chinese youths from the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas will gather to raise the 10,000 foot long dragon.

Source: The Xinhua News Agency