What $100,000 Will Buy On New Year's Eve?

Florida couple buys Ritz Carlton luxury Boston hotel package

The hotel called it the "Ultimate Millennium Experience". The Ritz Carlton in Boston offered up one New Year’s Eve package to one couple, whoever would put up $100,000 for the experience.

Enter Wendy and Dean Edmonds a couple from Florida who will head north for the weekend at the low, low cost of a hundred grand. They will leave the sunshine and palm trees behind this New Year for some pampering and entertainment in Massachusetts. Dean is a retired physics professor and he and Wendy have been married for six years.

So what do Wendy and Dean get for their money? Let’s take a look at just what $100,000 buys these days.

The Ritz celebration begins when the couple arrives at the Logan airport. They will be picked up by a chauffeur-driven Jaguar on the afternoon of December 30, and taken to the Presidential Suite at the hotel. The suite has its own dining room and 24-hour private butler service.

Wendy and Dean won’t be carrying much luggage. Plans have been made for their clothes to arrive separately, before them. Wendy’s cream-colored satin gown will be pressed and hanging in the closet when they arrive.

On the night of the 30th, the couple will have six friends over for a special dinner in the Ritz wine cellar. Wendy has been planning the menu since July. A main ingredient in this meal is fine wine from France. A violinist will entertain the diners during their meal. Wendy is not giving away the menu but says there will be many courses and the food may be all white, with white truffles for desert.

On the morning of New Year’s Eve there will be breakfast in bed, of course. Then a massage to take away all that stress of partying. They will relax all day, because there’s a big night ahead.

The couple plan to jump in the Jag and go over to Brookline for an annual New Year’s Eve party given by a close friend from college days. They will then head back to the Ritz to the grand ballroom to dine and dance to live music of Peter Duchin.

New Year’s day will include a brunch put on by the Ritz for the couple’s extended family who live in the Boston area. That evening there will be a special black-tie dinner with entertainment. Wendy secured the entertainment; Gilbert and Sullivan will do a little singing for the group.

The limo will take them back to the airport and home on January 3. They will take along plenty of gifts from the hotel. Dean will rece