Bah Humbug on New Year's Parties

Party prices are being slashed in hopes of attracting crowds this New Year

It’s supposed to be the biggest party night ever. People around the world are being asked open up their wallets and pay the price to party this New Year’s Eve. After all, it turns the year 2000 only one time, only once in a millennium. With that thought in mind, many restaurants and hotels around the world jacked up prices looking for huge profits. But something went wrong, the would-be partygoers decided they didn’t want to pay the price, and now the rooms and the tables are sitting empty at many locations.

In Britain, one in five adults is planning to keep their money in the bank, and will be staying home this New Year’s Eve, according to The Mirror newspaper. Nine out of ten of those surveyed said it was the inflated prices that kept them from planning a night out.

Now, there’s a new question, will those folks change their tune if the prices come back down? Party prices are being slashed in Britain and other places in the hope that a good deal will lure people out of their homes.

The luxury Balmoral in Edinburgh has cut more than 3,000 pounds ($4,860 US) off its three-day package. It was originally priced at 9,000 pounds. ($14,500 US).

As for the restaurants, the Hospitality Group in Britain will close 20 of its 22 restaurants because of lack of interest. Top chef Marco Pierre White was hoping to make 180,000 staging private parties at his Mirabelle and Criterion restaurants. The lavish functions were even put up for auction at Sotheby’s, but failed to even make the reserve. Most British pubs are shutting their doors by 6 p.m. after reports surfaced of high cost beer and large entry fees.

People aren’t grabbing up the getaway trips either. The cost of heading to Australia and Europe is going down due to lack of interest. Bookers just want to get the trips booked and are doing what they can to attract last minute vacation travelers.

Britain isn’t the only millennium party-pooper. In America, rooms are still available at the Millennium Hotel. The Hotel has prime views of Times Square in New York. Some top Manhattan restaurants have room and hope to be taking more reservations.

In Australia, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is still up for grabs. The bridge claims the best view of the fireworks display. There are still 500 tickets available for