Parties for the Year 2000

Party planning for parties from 12 to over 1000 people

by Patty Sachs

Special to Everything2000

No matter what the size of your New Year's eve party, the Year 2000 will command special details and more elaborate planning for every facet of the event. Invitations, activities, refreshments, entertainment, gifts and party favors will all carry a motif of the new century, to qualify them as souvenirs. From 12 to 2000, the number of guests will divine the many details and description of the celebration. This is definitely the year of "Gusto".

The Small-Intimate Y2K Party (12-48)
Folks typically do not go to ultra-elaborate lengths for a smaller group. However, this year, your New Year's eve plans will want to be very special without putting you into the stress-zone or poor house. There are many ways to stretch your time and money budget. "Doing-it-yourself" might not work for you, if you are already swamped with responsibility, but getting help from an ultra-creative pal or two will. Preparing well in advance is another tactic that will save time and money�and stress.

The Mid-Size Y2K Party (48-120)
While it is still possible to remain intimate, an even this size takes on potential for "crowd" dimension, ideally with a planning or "host" team.. This number of guests creates a larger "per person" budget so this party can take on more extensive and elaborate trappings. Although it takes little more time to hire a music or entertainment for 20 people than one for 300, it is a greater responsibility to spend $1500 than to spend $150 There is no question, that arranging just the basic event details for a larger group entails extra work and collaboration of time and money.

> The Y2K Gala (300 -1000)
Now we're talking about filling up a barn or a ballroom, here. Hotels or restaurants regularly organize such events for customers, associations for members, or employers for employees. In many large cities a promoter will rent a space, plan the bash and sell tickets to attendees! The person(s) who host this sort of huge event need to get extremely organized.

Pre-party record keeping and minute-by-minute event schedules are absolutely essential. Floor plans, decoration schematics, menus, seating charts, traffic-flow charts and even parking arrangements must be included. The gala event which may require committee meetings, can, with super organization and "constant care and feeding", be one that guests will remember way into the next century.

The Y2K Extravaganza (1000 and More)
Rent out the local stadium or arena and invite in the whole dang town! Or 1000+plus of your close, intimate friends. Such extravaganzas may be produced for centennials, fund raising events, sports-athons, concerts, all taking place on New Year's eve, this year.

All around the world "welcome to the new century and/or millennium" celebrations of all description will take place including three and four day events to include thousands of guests, cruises, excursions and tours that are already booked solid.

The secret to making the large Y2K party a success is to treat it like a very intimate party, by paying attention to the smallest detail and never saying, "Oh that is too much trouble for a group this size". The touches that leave lasting memories for the guests are the unexpected, the difficult-to-do and the minute detail that elicits the comment, "They didn't forget a thing!" A well known fact is that these unforgettable touches do not have to cost a lot of money�they just need to show extraordinary thought.

Patty Sachs is an event and party expert, speaker, author of eight planning guides and a regular contributor to party industry publications. Her 48 page book, Your Y2K Bash will be a Smash�not a Crash! Can be ordered by sending Check or Money Order for $4.49 to: Patty Sachs, Dept. E, 7601 W. 101st St. #119, Bloomington, MN 55438 Visit her website:

Patty Sachs' 48 page year 2000 party planning guide, "Your Y2K Bash will be a Smash...not a Crash!" is available at:
Year 2000 Celebrations

DATE: 9/1/99

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