Is Your New Year's Eve Party Y2K Ready?

Party planning tips to make your millennium party special

By Patty Sachs
Special to Everything2000

When the clock strikes midnight, on December 31, 1999, the "breath held round the world" will not be exhaled until it is certain that an electricity failure has not occurred. The dramatic Y2K computer scares have New Year's eve party hosts and guests in a quandary as to how to survive the predicted inconveniences. Face it! Even, the most incredibly successful party will lose it's pizzazz when the music dies, the ice cream melts, the tiny meatballs get cold-and all by the romantic glare of an emergency flashlight.

Should it be necessary, your party can survive any "Y2Katastrophe." The following preparedness steps are the basics of your Celebration Survival Strategies:

Make it a B.Y.O.B with guests bringing along the following:

  • Battery-operated! Flashlights, boomboxes, cell phones, generators and other convenience items
  • Bottles of water or beverages of choice
  • Buckets of ice
  • Boxes of candles
  • "Blankies", bed rolls and P.J.'s. for when the event turns into a slumber party
  • Bags of breakfast rations (the cold cocktail weenies will have run out by then)

Other preparations might include:

  • Rent a Party-Potty. The whole neighborhood will appreciate it
  • Have guests bring their camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, Coleman stoves, oil lamps and picnic supplies
  • Fill bathtubs, hot tubs, and other large containers with water for other than drinking

Have all flashlights, lamps and candles, in place so that the move to activate emergency lighting will be graceful. Perhaps you could load a battery-operated boombox or CD player with appropriate music, or follow the trends and run your television on "people pedal power". Make a humorous party activity out of assigning these "Plan A" duties to guests.

For a festive and practical touch, wrap the stems of your New Year's "toast" champagne glasses with glow-in-the-dark ribbon or tape and present them minutes before midnight. This is also a good time to hand out party favors such as glow-like-neon eye glasses and jewelry, as well as visors, torches and flowers that light up on battery power.

In fact, this whole concept would make a terrific party theme--one in which everyone came decked out in their best survival mode paraphernalia. A runway revue of your guests "Y2Kreativity" would make a wild and entertaining show. Clever guests will display bright ideas like wearing "miner's" headlamps (used by gardeners and surgeons), wielding light-up swords, spinning laser-light yo yo's. Oh, and "X-pect" a show of naughty items.

And when we exhale.

With all this equipment ready-to-glow, it seems only proper to douse the lights, for just a few minutes, after the "Y2Kibosh". At this time we can greet the new century with a blast of energizers, alkaloids and transistors, and simultanously salute the good old days with trusty wax and wicks.

Patty Sachs' 48 page year 2000 party planning guide, "Your Y2K Bash will be a Smash...not a Crash!" is available at:
Year 2000 Celebrations

DATE: 11/1/99

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Monday, August 22, 2016

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