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Dick Phones Home, Giuliani's Bunker, Elevators & Leaving Las Vegas

by Matt Markovich
Everything2000 Stewmaster

---As if you wont' see or hear enough of him already but now you can ring in the new year with a phone call from Dick Clark. Mr. New Year's Eve will call whoever for a fee... What a great way to wake up someone you are annoyed at. You can all 800-474-1827 or visit Dick Clark�s web site at . The phone calls will be delivered on New Year�s Eve, January 1st or January 2nd and can be personalized by the sender. The first call is $1.99 and each additional call is $1.00.

---Guess where New York Mayor and limelight seeker Rudolph Giuliani will spend New Year's Eve. With all the world's focus on Times Square, Giuliani is staying in, specifically in his designed, bulletproof bunker. He said on CBS's "Early Show" that it's an "emergency command center" in the World Trade Center. Maybe he can drop the ball romotely... Makes you believe that he thinks there may be something to Y2K afterall.

---If you want to usher in the Year 2000 with a romantic kiss on the roof -- such as the World Trade Center -- you might have to walk there. Don't be surprised if your elevator is shut down on New Year's Eve. New York City building managers plan to shut down elevators just before midnight on December 31st. The New York Post says some managers in residential buildings fear a glitch in the power grid causing blackouts -- and stranding people in elevators.

----Las Vegas may be having trouble selling its $2,000- a-night hotel rooms and $200-per-person dinners, but rural Nevada is packing them in with less expensive New Year's Eve celebrations.

At the Little A'Le'Inn Cafe in Rachel, about 95 miles north of Las Vegas, all seven of its rooms sold for $31.50. Manager Ann Morgan said the tavern will hold a traditional party with champagne, hors d'oeuvres and dancing. She says the most popular menu item is the $2.75 Alien Burger.

All 125 rooms have been sold at a rate around $40 at the Winners Hotel-Casino in Winnemucca, 466 miles north of Las Vegas. And all 29 rooms have been booked at Denys Koyle's Border Inn in the town of Baker, near the Utah border 300 miles north of Las Vegas. In Searchlight, 55 miles southeast of Las Vegas, casino operator Verlie Doing has hired a one-man band and will be serving black-eyed peas, and of course they'll still have their trademark 10-cent cup of coffee.

Sandy Valley, about 50 miles south of the Strip, comes in a bit on the expensive side of the rural celebrations. Sandy Valley Ranch is offering a two-day package including horse rides - $300 if you provide you own horse, $500 for those who have to rent one.

Ranch owner Marilyn Gubler expects about 40 riders for a cowbo