Preparing For The Party of Our Lifetime

Learn the basis for planning your own Millennium Party

by Patty Sachs

Special to Everything2000

The 1999's New Year's Eve Party will be, without a doubt, the party of our lifetime. Individuals of every age will join in on the celebration. Members of associations, schools, churches, families, neighborhoods, teams, classes, and clubs will gather to celebrate on New Year's Eve. Businesses both large & small, restaurants & bars, hotels, retail stores & malls will throw their own brand of party to share the excitement with their clients & customers. Year 2000 parties will be planned with all the components of a typical special event, party or promotion. However, this year there will be extra fanfare to pay tribute to one very dramatic detail�a final farewell and a festive welcome to a new year, a new decade, a new century and a new millennium.

How these festivities will be produced will depend on two vital factors�the group members' preferences and the event budget. Parties will range from smaller, more modest and intimate gatherings staged in private homes, party rooms or banquet rooms, to gala extravaganzas that take place in arenas or concert halls. Some hosts will take their parties on the road in limousines, buses, boats, trains and even, skies or skates. No matter what their magnitude, these parties will be highly anticipated and long remembered.

Components of the Year 2000 party such as the invitations, programs, party favors, decorative supplies, and special award items will be produced to serve as souvenir collectibles. It follows that these items will have great worth and value for generations to come. Finding these products will not pose a problem because the market will be flooded with gizmos, gimmicks, novelty items and, of course, all party staples, to fulfill any hosts' wishes. Items with either the guests' or the guest-of-honor's names applied will be key to party success.

Activities and entertainment planned specially for guests will vary with the size of the group, the venue and the budget. It is essential that these details are also designed around the group. Skits, songs, games and presentations will get rave reviews from any audience when their names and buzz words are a part of the entertainment.

Refreshment selection and presentation as always, will have an important place in the event plan. While formal dinner parties with gourmet fare are popular for smaller groups, crowd cuisine most often includes easier party favorites that are spread out buffet style. It is always essential to plan foods and beverages to coordinate with the group size and venue.

Within this series of articles on Party 2000 you will find expert suggestions for producing your party, designing and implementing themes. In addition you will learn about specialized products and services to assist you in putting pizzazz into your Year 2000 party. To me, it is a pleasant obligation to celebrate. It is not only a time to recall the "good old days" but the opportunity to look forward to all the "good new days" that are to come.

Patty Sachs is an event and party expert, speaker, author of eight planning guides and a regular contributor to party industry publications. Her 48 page book, Your Y2K Bash will be a Smash�not a Crash! Can be ordered by sending Check or Money Order for $4.49 to: Patty Sachs, Dept. E, 7601 W. 101st St. #119, Bloomington, MN 55438 Visit her website:

Patty Sachs' 48 page year 2000 party planning guide, "Your Y2K Bash will be a Smash...not a Crash!" is available at:
Year 2000 Celebrations

DATE: 8/11/99

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

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