Get Ready for some Great Travel Deals

Prices continue to fall as New Year's Eve gets closer

As New Year's Eve approaches the deals get better and better. If you want to book a hotel room, or book a flight the middle of November will be the perfect time.

A year ago the millennium travel prices were sky high for everything from hotel rooms, restaurants and airline tickets. As January 1 gets closer, the restaurants are not filling up, neither are the hotel rooms or the planes, so the prices are going to start to come down. If you’re still thinking of taking a trip here’s some last-minute trip tips that may save you lots of money.

If you’re looking for a hotel room and know you is destination start calling around? If the reservation clerk says the hotel is booked ask if the rooms are blocked and if so by whom. That way you see who controls the bulk of the hotel rooms and you can deal with that company directly. Frequently, the room blocker took more rooms than needed and will be releasing some rooms back to the hotel, you can be the first in line. This strategy also works during other major events like conventions or the Olympics.

Around the middle of November cruise lines and other destination resorts will be face to face with the law of supply and demand. In an effort to fill every remaining bed, stateroom and airline seat, travel suppliers will begin dropping prices. You have to be ready when it happens and pick up the bargain prices immediately. This is a bit of a gamble, you’re waiting until the last minute but it’s going to get you the best deals. Mid-November should see some bargain prices in cruise lines, hotel rooms, airline tickets and other destination resorts. Have a travel agent keep you informed of the latest deals.

What about airline tickets? 37 million adults are planning to travel this New Year’s holiday, only 32 percent of those travelers will be flying. The airlines are cutting back on flights; some are even canceling flights on December 31. If you are willing to fly on New Year’s Eve day you may be in for some great deals. Since so few people are interested in flying, seats are open and you should be able to get some great last minute deals.

One other added bonus in waiting until the last minute, lots of hotels and destination resorts will drop the minimum stay requirement and you will sav