Use Themes For Millennium Party

A theme will add sparkle to your Y2K party

by Patty Sachs

Special to Everything2000

Year 2000 New Year�s eve parties will be planned with a variety of themes to enhance the whole party picture. Considering the intriguing and dramatic phases of the past century, the party themes are destined to be appealing.. If you plan an event around either the music, dance, art, literature or progress of the century it can be filled with exciting details and innovations. An event producer has wonderful options. Once you have decided upon a theme for your event, the basic details will just fall into place but the ultra-creative innovations will come only with thought and diligent brainstorming. Each theme plan would ideally move through the century, decade by decade, pausing to display typical decor and props. The activities and entertainment should reflect upon highlights of the past ten decades. Food and beverage selection and service would also follow along with the theme, where feasible, to include those favorites of times gone by. By conferring with experts, exploring historical publications and searching the internet you will reap a wealth of information to adapt to your theme needs. Each theme, however specific, will be greatly enhanced when designed with details from other themes. For instance, if your main theme is Music of the Past Century, it would be natural to add representations of the fashions and trends of the eras to round out the production. If you let your imagination run free to mix and match these themes you will create a very personalized Year 2000 New Year�s Eve Celebration. The following themes are general ones most of which could be suited for groups of any size, gathered for any reason.

"Decade by Decade" Party Themes:

  • Music of the 20th Century: From the Victorian Stodgy to the 90�s Rap
  • Headlines of the 20th Century: Lindbergh to Lewinsky
  • Movies of the 20th Century: Academy Award Winners
  • Radio/TV Highlights of the 20th Century: Antique Crystal Set to DVD
  • Fashions of the 20th Century: Flappers to Funksters
  • Sports Memories of the 20th Century: Hall of Famers
  • Famous People of the 20th Century: Movie Stars, Mobsters and Millionaires
  • A Century of Travel: Tin Lizzies to Space Ship
  • A Century of Progress (Inventions, Developments)
  • Heroes/Heroines of the 20th Century: Jonas Salk, Superman and Martha Stewart
  • Events That Changed Our Lives: Wars, Wall Street, Woodstock
  • Launch into the 21st Century: Star Wars, Star Trek, Space Travel

These themes all lend themselves to costume parties. You know best, if your guests will go for costume craziness, formal tuxedo/gown attire or opt to show up in casual garb ready for a spectator sports event. Make a great effort to design your party to suit the guests who are extroverts, those willing to step out of their comfort zone as well as those who remain conservative�each guest to participate at their own level. Your party will be a certain rave-review event.

Patty Sachs is an event and party expert, speaker, author of eight planning guides and a regular contributor to party industry publications. Her 48 page book, Your Y2K Bash will be a Smash�not a Crash! Can be ordered by sending Check or Money Order for $4.49 to: Patty Sachs, Dept. E, 7601 W. 101st St. #119, Bloomington, MN 55438 Visit her website:

Patty Sachs' 48 page year 2000 party planning guide, "Your Y2K Bash will be a Smash...not a Crash!" is available at:
Year 2000 Celebrations

DATE: 9/13/99

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

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