There are hundreds of organizations dedicated to celebrating the Year 2000 by improving a specific cause or by drawing attention to an important issue. Perhaps the biggest single focus is the 2000th anniversary of Christ's birth. Everything 2000 aims to list these organizations and movements and link to their respective Web sites. If you have a movement-related organization or event we should know about, please email us at [email protected].

Religion Listings
Celebrations of Christ's birth will be held throughout the Year 2000. Thousands of people are making the trip to the Holy Land this year to attend special Year 2000 celebrations.
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Peace Listings
Peace activists are working to make the 21st century a time when the earth is free of war and violence. Some groups aim to abolish nuclear weapons, while others want to have one day when everyone on the planet sets a day aside for peace. Each is passionate about their cause.
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Environment Listings
Many environmental groups see the new millennium as the perfect opportunity to address some of the nation's biggest environmental problems. Here are some of the current studies and links to their Web sites.
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Apocalypse Listings
For some groups the millennium is a chance to celebrate, for others it is filled with the expectation that the world as we know it will cease to be.
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Space Listings
There are several groups forming that are seriously investigating how humans would colonize space during the next millennium. With the discovery of water on the moon-and potential life on Mars-these movements are certain to grow in the future.
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