Greenpeace Broadcasts "First" 2000 Sunrise

You can watch the sunrise "live" on the Internet this New Year

(Everything 2000) If you want to see the first, and we mean first sunrise of the century you won't have to fly to Fiji or New Zealand or Australia! All you have to do is turn on your computer. It's that simple, thanks to a live webcast offered by Greenpeace this New Year's day.

Greenpeace will broadcast the dawn of the millennium- live- on the Internet. The pictures will come in from the Greenpeace yacht, Tiama, which set sail for the Antipodes Island last week. "It is actually 10 minutes earlier than the sunrise broadcast by the BBC, which is from Chatham," said Diederik Samsom, project coordinator Greenmail2000.

The yacht, Tiama, is on an aggressive and history making sailing right now. The yacht set sail from Auckland, New Zealand on December 22 and will travel south to Antipodes Island by New Year's eve and then set up for the live broadcast.

You can watch the first dawn of Year 2000 on You can also read about the yacht's voyage and look at pictures of the trip. On board the boat is a computer which has messages from around the world that will be sent by solar polar when the sunrises on January 1. Greenpeace has been taking e-mail message requests from web site visitors and will then send the message and a picture of the first sunrise to them on New Year's day.

The voyage is a way for Greenpeace to spread the word about the energy technology of sun, wind and waves. Greenpeace is using renewable energy to slow down climate change.

DATE: 12/30/99

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