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5/4/2000 Japanese Tourist Panicked After Y2K
5/4/2000 "2000 Years: The Millennium Concert"
5/4/2000 Millennium Dome Fails to Attract Big Crowds
5/4/2000 Philadelphia Countdowns to Real Millennium
5/4/2000 Who Should Pay for NonY2K?
5/4/2000 �The Race� Preps Underway
5/4/2000 Britain Searches for Millennium Winners

2/29/2000 Y2K "Leaps" Pass Final Hurdle
2/29/2000 Fantasia 2000 Breaks IMAX Records
2/11/2000 Year 2000 Pilgrimage Begins
2/11/2000 Year 2000 Men/Women Equality Debate in Japan
2/11/2000 IRS and Y2K

1/28/2000 Machismo Trends 2000
1/25/2000 Getting Ready for Expo 2000
1/24/2000 Be Counted! U.S. Census Begins
1/21/2000 Saving Millennium Memorabilia
1/21/2000 More Medical Research Money in 2000
1/20/2000 More Millennium Volunteer Projects
1/20/2000 Times Square Confetti Souvenirs
1/18/2000 Washington DC's Other Party
1/18/2000 Paper Clothes for 2000
1/18/2000 Food Trends for 2000
1/17/2000 US-Russian Joint Y2K Center Closes
1/17/2000 Gas Prices Fall After Y2K
1/17/2000 Blazing New Trails in the New Millennium
1/14/2000 London's Millennium Wheel Stalled
1/14/2000 Record-Breaking Number of Tourists in Japan
1/14/2000 London's Dome in Financial Debate
1/13/2000 Millennium Project- A Two-Month Voyage
1/13/2000 Millennium Medical Predictions
1/13/2000 Hawaii Hunts for Millennium Tourists
1/12/2000 Y2K Collectibles: Boom or Bust?
1/11/2000 Britain Begins 2000 Without Smoking
1/11/2000 Teacher's New Year Dream Comes True
1/11/2000 Interior Decorating Trends of 2000
1/10/2000 Passengers Unhappy with Millennium Cruise
1/10/2000 Y Go 2 Waste?
1/10/2000 Millennium Millionaire
1/7/2000 Y2K Souvenirs: Save or Trash?
1/7/2000 Kilimanjaro Millennium Climb Breaks Records
1/7/2000 Y2K Doomsayers Admit Predictions Wrong
1/6/2000 Millennium Moms Making History
1/6/2000 Year of Dragon means Year of Many Babies
1/5/2000 Cave Celebration Confusing
1/5/2000 Musical Memories from New Year's Eve
1/5/2000 London's Celebration Flaws
1/1/2000 World Welcomes 2000
1/1/2000 U.S. Ushers in 2000 With a Bang
1/1/2000 First Babies of 2000

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Monday, November 07, 2016

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