Millennium Party Fantasies

Stars reveal their New Year fantasies in new coffee table book

If you could do anything, and be with anyone at all this New Year’s Eve what would you do, who would you want to have dinner with? Stars reveal their desires in a new book.

Monica Lewinsky wants to sit next to Prince Charming, yes, and the one from Cinderella. Mo Mowlam wants to sip vodka martinis with Stalin. To each their own, and you can find out all about celebrity dreams in a book titled Fantasy Feast 2000. A book on sale now with proceeds going to charity.

The book also features celebrity party plans, recipes and guest lists. More than 250 celebrities revealed their personal secrets for the book. Some of the contributors are fictional. For instance Popeye urges guests to BYOS. That’s right, bring your own spinach.

If you could choose just one dinner guest who would it be? In the book the most popular guest was Jesus Christ. Following close behind were Shakespeare, Mahatma Gandhi and Marilyn Monroe. Of the living legends chosen for dinner Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela and Billy Connolly got the most votes.

Celebrities also reveal their dinner menu and some recipes. The most popular dinner this New Year will be seafood and champagne. This may surprise you, most celebrities choose to ring in the New Year at home, although Stonehenge and Venice were close seconds.

The Beatles were on the top of the list when it comes to music in the third millennium although many other celebrities chose more current bands.

If you want a peek into the lives and dreams of those people you only read abut in tabloids then this book is for you. Fantasy Feast 2000 is at bookstores and money raised will go toward the Save the Children fund.

DATE: 10/29/99

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