Pets Need Resolutions Too

How about making New Year's resolutions for your pet

To ring in 2000, pet owners may want to make some New Year's resolutions to make sure their animal companions have everything they need in the coming year. Patti J. Moran, the founder and president of Pet Sitters International (PSI), an education organization for professional pet sitters offers a couple of suggestions:

  • To make sure my pet has plenty of water.
  • To feed my pet a nutritious diet every day, on time, and not overfeed it.
  • To take my pet for a walk every day or let it out for some exercise.
  • To regularly visit my veterinarian.
  • To spend more quality time with my pet.
  • To brush my pet every day.
  • To keep the cage, pen and bed clean.
  • To celebrate my pet's birthday with a new toy, a ride in the car, a party or some extra TLC.
  • To bring my pet indoors in extreme temperatures.
  • To engage a pet sitter when traveling to avoid upsetting my pet's routine.

"If you're making your resolutions away from home and have a pet sitter looking in on your pet, don't be surprised if the sitter charges more than usual for New Year's Eve and a few days afterwards," says Moran in a press release.

"Sitters may have added responsibilities or more difficult tasks when the year changes over to 2000.  Because of Y2K computer glitches, the electricity could go out and other problems could occur.  The higher charge comes in the interest of your pet's safety and care." 

DATE: 12/13/99

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

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