Y2K Keeping Psychics Busy

Year-end worries top list of concerns taken to psychics

Most of the time consultations with psychics have to do with love or career. This year is different. As the world counts down to the year 2000, Psychics are busy with much larger questions. They have to answer things like is the world going to end?

Mrs. Sophia is a psychic in the Virginia Beach area and she tells The Virginian-Pilot that the main thing people ask her these days has to do with the end of the year, or the dawning of a new millennium. People want to know if they are going to live to see the New Year and if the world is coming to an end.

You have to face facts, nobody knows when the world is coming to an end, nobody really knows what is going to happen on New Years Eve. With that in mind, some are turning to the only person they think might have a handle on the situation, a psychic. Consulting the stars, tea leaves or Tarot cards could be the answer, you never know.

In Virginia Beach the psychic offices are keeping busy, and the people asking the questions range from housewives to government officials, the Virginian-Pilot reports. Now, the paper isn’t naming names and neither is Mrs. Sophia. In fact, Mrs. Sophia isn’t even giving out her real name. Sophia does agree that the client list is surprising with company leaders and military brass hoping the stars will reveal their future.

Some people don’t want to go one-on-one with a psychic and instead are calling up the Association for Research and Enlightenment. The agency reports many calls and most people wanting to know about the prophecy, the earth changes and the future.

So what are psychics telling people. If you ask Mrs. Sophia it’s like talking to a Red Cross representative. Sophia tells people to stock up on food; water and the like just in case. Not bad advice for a snowstorm either. Mrs. Sophia says her worry about the Y2K problem rates about a 7 _ on a scale of 10.

America is under the sign of Cancer, the crab, in the year 2000. With that in mind psychic Joy Talley, tells the Virginian-Pilot that we are in for a year of change. It won’t be computer disasters we see as much as natural disaster says Talley. In fact, she believes we will see more hurricanes and earthquakes and most will be centered in the Pacific Ocean with California most at risk.

So there you have it, psychic predictions or Red Cross preparedness you take your pick.

Whatever is going to happen we don’t have to wait too long. It’s just a few months until the year 2000 begins. Ask Mrs. Sophia where she will be on that momentous occasion; Sophia is staying home because you just never know what might happen.

DATE: 10/21/99

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