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Roswell's Lasers, Y2K Bug Game, Teenages & Catacombs

by Matt Markovich
Everything2000 Stewmaster

---As Casey Kasam would say..."keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars". Well, in Roswell New Mexico, the Mecca for any X-Files co-consipirator, they will be making Casey Kasam proud on New Year's Eve.

At precisely midnight, thousands of messages will be beamed into deep space for eternity from the world's brightest laser located in Roswell. It's called The Starlite and it will be an innovative way for people around the world to transmit personal text, voice messages, egreetings, to the stars and beyond. The messages are capable of traveling through deep space for light years.

For more information contact Starlite's Web Site.

----Back here on Earth and in the United States, the United Methodist Publishing House is hoping to persuade thousands of teens to spend first night reading the book of Revelation in church cellars as part of the ''catacomb project.'' The teens will gather at designated churches and be ''locked'' in faux catacombs to help them understand the persecution of early Christians.

----Y2K panic is now fodder for new computer game that allows gamers to experience the millennium bug without their computer crashing. Interplay Entertainment Corp.'s Y2K game is looking the Year 2000 straight in the eye and laughing.

Gamers play the role of Buster, who has just bought a high tech, experimental mansion, and is spending his first night at home snuggling with his girlfriend Candice. It is New Year's Eve 1999, and they are watching the countdown to the new millennium, when the clock reaches 01 01 00 the power fails.

The fun begins as Buster attempts to escape from the mansion as the security systems fight his every move and tries to force Buster into an escape proof cellar. The estimated street price on Y2K: The Game is $19.99 - $24.99, and will be available in stores soon. And yes, the makers say the game is Y2K compliant.

DATE: 12/6/99

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