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1/11/2000 Dick's Back, Babs Sets Record, Vegas Lucks Out & Newsweek Poll
1/6/2000 Michael Douglas Proposes, Madonna's Midnight Walkout, Internet Y2K and Bogus Bids
1/3/2000, ABC Wins, U.S. Sunrises, Millennium Theft and Polar Bear Swimmers
12/30/99 Sex at Midnight, Going Dateless, Celeb New Year's, A 360 in Times Square & New York in Merced
12/28/99 Bocelli Sings, Bab's Sister, The Pope's Marathon and Millennium Babies
12/23/99 Dick Phones Home, Giuliani's Bunker, Elevators & Leaving Las Vegas
12/20/99 First TV Ad, Ice Sculptures, Auctions & Don't Spend..Invest!
12/15/99 The Artist, Barry White, Bonnie Raitt, San Antonio Hotels and Y2K Ready Balls
12/13/99 Y2K at Playboy, Hacker Fears, Israeli Nukes and Aussie Lotto
12/9/99 Mr. Bean's Dome, Dateless on New Year's and Trainless in Sydney
12/6/99 Roswell's Lasers, Y2K Bug Game, Teenages & Catacombs
12/2/99 Pulling a Martha, Airline Sandbags, Continental Airlines, Stay-At-Home Medallion
11/22/99 Lisa Kudrow, Y2K Rattles & Cincinnati Bells
11/22/99 Millennium's Last Song, Rock 'n Roll Messiah and Trump's Tree
11/16/99 Schwarzenegger, I-O-U Y2K, London Cabbies and Hold The Fire!
11/11/99 Top 10 Tunes, Millennium Live and California Y2K Lookouts
11/8/99 Martha Stewart, The Great Pyramids and Why Oh Y2K
11/1/99 The Artist (Prince), 40-proof Beer and Alaska Airlines
10/29/99 Bad Ideas, London Taxis and Drunk Insurance
10/25/99 Billy Joel, The Boss, MTV and the Brit's Top Spots
10/13/99 Superstar $$$, First Dawn Lottery and Millennium Tee-off
10/7/99 Prince William, New York Apartments and Split Enz
10/5/99 Russian Hotlines, BB King and First Sunrise Tickets
10/1/99 AOL, Celine Dion, Fiesta Bowl and New Year's in a Cave
9/28/99 Mick Jagger, Corvettes and 2,000 Reasons to Hate Y2k
9/24/99 Dick Clark (again), Shamu & Stew-illennium
9/22/99 The Pope & U2, More Babs and a Millennilube
9/20/99 Manholes, Good Morning America, Babs Tickets
9/17/99 Elvis' E2K, Slot Machines and Dick Clark (..again!)
9/13/99 BBC Bucks, Russian Rockets and Celine's Song
9/09/99 Millennium Diamonds, The Boss and Sammy Hagar
9/07/99 Streisand, Manilow and Millennium Quibblers
9/02/99 Elton, Tina and a condo in Durango
9/01/99 The Beatles, Quilting and a 2000-K Trek

8/30/99 Dick Clark, Ricky Martin, Billboard, Y2k Thespians
8/26/99 3rd Rock, Nostradamus & $202,000 in Sydney
8/25/99 Penthouse Pets, Cher with longitudinal lines
8/24/99 Madonna, Mr. Spock, Y2k Scams
8/23/99 'N Sync, Y2K-less Town, Irish Pubs and Concorde
8/20/99 Speilberg, Clinton, BB King, Bombs on New Year's

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

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