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3rd Rock, Nostradamus & $202,000 in Sydney

by Matt Markovich
Everything2000 Stewmaster

Gun toting survivalists, Nostradamus types and high tech gurus will decent upon a place fitting of such a convergence of extremists...UC Berkeley. The beatnik school is presenting an extension course entitled "The End of Time:

Apocalyptic Visions and Millennial Hopes from the Ancient Prophets to Y2K". What happened to simple class names like Wackos 101. For that matter, anyone with $275 can attend the class which begins September 15 and meets every Wednesday night until November 17. That gives plenty of time for some students to head back to their caves.

Speaking about coming out from behind the rock, 3rd Rock's oddest alien French Stewart doesn't think the turn of the millennium will be any great shakes... but he's not taking any chances. Discussing his New Year's Eve plans, Stewart tells TV Guide Online, "I believe I'm going to be in Tahoe. I was lucky enough to acquire a beautiful home in Tahoe, and I think I'm just going to go underground and let it all blow over. I think once the hype is all dropped and everybody realizes what's happened, they're going to turn around, and it's just going to be Tuesday. That's pretty much it. Just Tuesday."

And if you have $202,000 (Australia) burning a hole in your millennium pocket, how about three glorious and totally pampered days during the New Year's Eve holiday in Sydney Australia. Stamford Plaza's New Year's Eve package includes a swag of luxury extras, including his and hers Rolex watches, his and hers Louis Vuitton luggage, a year's supply of Mo�t et Chandon, a chauffeured Rolls-Royce and a five-course dinner for the couple and eight of their friends in the most expensive and luxurious suite in the city.

It's likely to be Australia's most extravagant five-star accommodation offer. Despite all this, there is no view from the hotel of the famous New Year's Eve show at the Harbour Bridge. No takers so far.

DATE: 8/26/99

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