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Elvis' E2K, Slot Machines and Dick Clark (..again!)

by Matt Markovich
Everything2000 Stewmaster

Dick Clark gets our vote again for plastering his name on anything that deals with New Year's Eve. Now he's getting his own slot machine and is promoting a New Year's Eve music CD contest. He already has his own ornament, he's promoting Millennios cereal, and a cruise line is producing a floating version of his New Year's Rockin Eve show... and that's what we know about.

Dick Clark's slot machine that is premiering in Las Vegas is centered around New Year's Eve. Play for a few minutes and Clark will begin the countdown, "10, 9, 8 ..." and the champagne starts popping when you win.

And he's tied in with Philips Electronics and their promotion of their "Millennium Mix Contest". Music fans enter their 10 favorite New Year's Eve party songs at to win cash and prizes. Ol Dick, the contest's celebrity spokesman, will provide online advice on how to make the ultimate New Year's Eve music mix. The contest runs from September 16 through November 23, 1999. Maybe he can be the spokesman for this site too!

Even Elvis is getting into the millennium spirit because...well his spirit is all that's left of him unless you believe he and President John Kennedy are living in seclusion on a caribeean island. The last Graceland tour of the millennium will come as part of a three-day, $950 package called "E2K," including a stay at the new Heartbreak Hotel and New Year's Eve at Elvis Presley's Memphis club.

The century-closing mansion tour will be 5-6 p.m. Dec. 31. From Graceland, guests then will head to Elvis Presley's Memphis on Beale Street, where the party will include the Andy Childs Band (an Elvis impersonator of course), some of Elvis's favorite foods, champagne and noisemakers. And at midnight, who knows...maybe Elvis will show up himself...thank you, thank you very much.

DATE: 9/17/99

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