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Madonna, Mr. Spock, Y2k Scams & Cheaper Hotels

by Matt Markovich
Everything2000 Stewmaster

It looks like there will be no MSG in this stew for Madonna...that is Madison Square Garden. She reportedly has turned down $13 million to sing in the new millennium at Madison Square Garden. Her publicist says she has received several offers and she's not confirming or denying the figure. Garden sources say they're still looking for a headliner. In the meantime, Nassau Coliseum is reportedly negotiating with Billy Joel and the Meadowlands is negotiating with Bruce Springsteen for New Year's Eve concerts.

This is rather odd, but Spock knew nothing about the Y2K computer bug before he fronted a video on the topic. The guy who as able to fix the computer on a starship, in real life, didn't know what the Y2K bug was all about until he was asked to host a video called the "Y2K Family Survival Guide". The real Star Trek star, Leonard Nimoy made the confession to FamilyPC saying he looks at Y2K as a story with a classic science fiction theme about man creating science and then science destroys man.

In the home video, Nimoy guides viewers through a list of preparations for dealing with possible Y2K-related disruptions"Sometimes, the projects I choose are based on my lack of knowledge," he told FamilyPC. "It's a chance to learn something and get paid for it."

Warning..warning! Danger Will Robinson..Danger! I'm sure the robot from Lost in Space knows what Y2K is and if he were operating in this century he would have issued this Y2K scam warning. Officials in the US and Great Britain are warning consumers to be alert to a Y2K telephone scam. The fraudsters claim the consumer's personal bank is having difficulty in meeting the requirements for the millennium computer problem, asking customers to transfer their existing account to another account specially designed to protect their money until the bank can be fully compliant.

Not so..say the consumer fraud folks. Their warning is never give out any account numbers in any circumstance when solicited by a telephone call.

And while many people have made plans to drain their bank accounts to ring in the new year, a majority of revelers have yet to commit to making millennium travel plans. Some cite outrageously priced travel packages that have been promoted over the last year and a half as the culprit. If the rule of supply and demand applies, the inflated travel prices may decrease this fall, but this has yet to be indicated. One hotel company has announced that it will not be price gouging customers this New Year's holiday.

Omni Hotels, a privately owned, luxury hotel chain, says it will be operating business as usual with regards to its holiday rates and pricing. Not to say its 43 hotels and resorts will not be offering special New Year's Eve packages...they will, with minimum stays too.

DATE: 8/24/99

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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