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The Pope & U2, More Babs and a Millennilube

by Matt Markovich
Everything2000 Stewmaster

The 100 day countdown is on and what better way to spice up the stew then add ingredients that you wouldn't add together anywhere else. Try mixing Pope John Paul, U2's lead singer Bono, Live Aid's Bob Geldof and Motown's Quincy Jones. They will be having a get together today at the Pope's summer residence, not to jam, but to talk millennium debt.

They want to Pope to say publicly what he has has hinted privately and that is the world's richest nations should cancel the debt of the world's poorest nations by New Year's Eve.

That's to goal of Jubilee 2000 which the music stars are promoting. We'll see of the Pope, who has a album of his own, will appear on U2's next CD as part of the deal.

We let you know of a way you can win tickets to Barbara Streisand's New Year's Eve concert at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in the last stew, and now there's a way to a bid for tickets. It definitely won't be free. Christie's Los Angeles will auction two VIP tickets to the concert next week. The winners will be Streisand's personal guests at the show, complete with luxury accommodations at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

The auction will also feature some of Streisand's jewelry collection, including a diamond ring with an estimated value of $400,000 to $600,000 and a diamond necklace valued at $280,000 to $320,000. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Streisand Foundation, which promotes a wide range of environmental, civil rights, women's and children's causes.

And finally, a San Francisco masseur turned entrepreneur has a way to "ease" you into the hype of a new millennium with "Millennilube". Jonathan Gavzer´┐Żs company, Jonny Loves You, has introduced "Y2K Jelly MillenniLube the unction for the millennial junction". He says its a healthy body lotion with herbal and floral ingredients known for their calming qualities. A 2 oz. tube goes for $5.99. Testimonials on the website are called "Lubees". We wonder if the Y2K jelly has an expiration date of '99. Does it go bad on January 1?

DATE: 9/22/99

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