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Prince William, New York Apartments and Split Enz

by Matt Markovich
Everything2000 Stewmaster

Grandma says Willie can have his New Year's Eve party. Britain's Queen Elizabeth has reportedly given Prince William permission to hold a New Year's Eve bash for his friends at Windsor Castle near London. The Sun newspaper yesterday that "several attractive girls" were among those being invited to the 17-year-old's party at the historic castle. Oh no!

The paper said William had promised his friends a night to remember. "He has told his chums they can stay overnight in castle rooms," said the tabloid. It quoted a source as saying: "I doubt if there will be much sleeping going on that night." Could this be the night that Prince William loses his....!

If there's a way to make a buck, New Yorkers will usually try to find it, and some want to parlay New Year's Eve into a big payday by subletting their apartments to tourists. Big Apple news stories tell of one man $10,000-a-week for his one-bedroom co-op on E. 28th St. Real estate brokers report that they are getting dozens of calls from New Yorkers willing to be somewhere else on Dec. 31.

Feathered Nest, one of the city's largest apartment rental agencies, has more than 30 Millennium listings. Maybe somebody forgot to tell these folks that NY's hotels still have space available, albeit it's double the normal price... plus you can get Hilton points.

And finally, Split Enz will reform for the New Year's Eve concert to be held in the revamped viaduct basin on Auckland New Zealand's waterfront. You may recall, Split Enz was going to be the opening act for David Bowie in what was touted as the "first concert of the millennium". But the promoters blew and it fell apart. Bowie has decided to stay home for the night. This will be a smaller venue for Split Enz. Three thousand tickets for the show will be sold, at a top price of $69.50.

DATE: 10/7/99

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

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