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Today's Millennium Stew --------
Dick Clark (again), Shamu & Stew-illennium

by Matt Markovich
Everything2000 Stewmaster

So how many times can we mention Dick Clark as stew ingredient. It's seems he is lending his name to anything that has the word millennium or the phrase New Year's Eve in it. Now the ageless wonder is promoting soup. The "Countdown king" launched Campbell's Funniest Noodle Photo Contest in Times Square at a 100-day press event.

This is even a stretch for Clark To enter consumers are asked to devise the funniest and wackiest ways to enjoy Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup and then capture it in a photograph. Twirl your noodle, curl your noodle, wear your noodle or share your noodle for the chance to be a "souper-star." The winner gets to be with Dick Clark on New Year's Eve in a freezing Times Square.

Let's see, checking the Dick Clark scoreboard, he has his own New Year's Eve ornament, a cruise line has a show named after Dick's New Year's Eve show, he's promoting Millennios cereal, a New Year's Music CD contest and of course, he's promoting himself thank you.

To late Dick, but Shamu has his own promotion going now. The famous killer whale at Seaworld has his own show called, "Shamu-llennium". Beginning the day after Christmas, the big whale will be dancing his way through the music of the last century.

Every evening for a week there will be the "Shamu-llennium Spectacular," a SeaWorld fireworks and laser extravaganza, will light up the park's 17-acre Atlantis Bayside Lagoon.

To bad no entrepreneur trademarked "-llennium". The royalties and fees could be enormous That's why we can get a way with saying, this is not just a regular stew but a Stew-illennium"

DATE: 9/24/99

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

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